Halloween is mostly everyone's favorite holiday as a kid. But now being in college and being sort of adults, we can't go trick or treating anymore and most of the time we want to stay in and drink hot cocoa on the coach. So why not have a bomb playlist for the Halloween season. Here are nine movies to get you in the holiday spirit before the Christmas decorations come out.

1. Hocus Pocus

An ultimate classic that should be watched at least ten times in the month of October.

2. Scary Godmother

OG Cartoon Network fans remember this timeless movie tradition.

3. Halloween (2018)

The new version will have not wanting to leave your room unlocked.

4. Final Destination 1-5

If you have a fear of planes, rollercoasters, bridges, driving on highways, or race-tracks, then definetly watch this movie franchise.

5. Halloweentown 1-3

This is in the Halloween Bylaws to watch.

6. The Haunting of Hill House

This is a mini series but has the same level of fear factor.

7. A Quiet Place

One of the best horror movies in the last decade.

8. Get Out

We're still scared of tea cups after watching this flick.

9. Cabin In The Woods

A remote cabin in the middle of the woods with god knows what. Need I say more ?