Live music is such an incredible thing to experience. Whether you’re going to see your favorite artist perform or happen upon a band you’ve never heard of and decide to check them out, chances are, you will never regret the decision to listen to a live performance. There’s just something about experiencing music with the artist right there in front of you and being a physical part of the community that is the audience that puts you in a great mood.

I’ve been to the smallest of shows in tiny, hole-in-the-wall venues with only about thirty other people in the room, and I’ve been to concerts in huge stadiums that have sold out thousands of seats for the show. Each type of venue and live listening experience has its own characteristics that are equally captivating.

While I do tend to be drawn to smaller shows and venues, I have grown to appreciate live music in all forms. Live music is a kind of a surreal experience.

On the one hand, you have a sense of one-on-oneness with the performer. You may have heard these songs a thousand times, but you’ve never heard them exactly like this.

You feel like the artist is performing for you as an individual, and you are so grateful to be a part it. These songs are for you. On the other hand, there could be hundreds, or even thousands, of other people in the audience with you.

But you are all there for the same reason. You are all there to take in the music in the way it is being presented to you. The audience becomes a community of which you are glad to be a part of. If nothing else, you all have that one thing in common -- the love of the music that is being played and sung before your very eyes and ears.

So, if you ever have a chance to purchase tickets to see your favorite band or artist, BUY THEM and GO! Or, if you are ever in the mood to go to a show, but don’t know the bands playing, grab a friend for a last minute adventure to hear some new jams. Who knows? That band might even end up being your new favorite! Take every opportunity you can to hear live music or attend a live show because the entertainment and appreciation to be gained from the experience is endless.