June 24, 1999

I woke up, got dressed, and went about my normal day. I went to school, did my work, and came home. Everything was normal. Besides it being a little cloudy outside, but that’s not big deal, right? I sat on the couch and started my homework for the day, then I slowly started to doze off.

Some amount of time later

I woke up to the whole couch shaking. I look around and see that it’s not just the couch; it’s the whole house! I freak out and look out the window to see what was going on. Come to find out, those clouds were not normal. They created a tornado… Which was heading straight towards my house! I went to take cover in the bathroom. I feel like I was in the tub for hours, when suddenly, the shaking and noise stopped. I slowly raise my head, get out of the tub, and walk to the nearest window. Is the tornado over? The house is still standing, that’s good right? As I approach the window, I see nothing by dust. I look around, and realize that my house is in the air! I watched several things go through the air, and pass my window; a dog, a tree, a family in a car, and even the whole band of 5 Seconds of Summer. Now that is a sight to see. Have you ever seen 4 boys scream at the top of their lungs? That’s a good place to start!

After flying for an hour

I see my house plummeting to the ground, and there is nothing I can do about it. I run to the couch and hope it will break my fall, a little bit at least. When it finally hit the ground, it was a hard thump. I get up from the couch, go to the somewhat crooked door, and open it. I look around and see a type of world that I have never seen before. It seemed that I was in the dead center, and this place was divided into four parts. I look to my left, and see a sunny, happy looking place-I called this area Happy. I look behind me to the left, and it was still sunny, but it seemed a little bit more down, this one I called Calm. I turn one more time and see a rainy, cloudy part, called Sad. Next I look at the fourth sector of the world and see that there are clouds with thunderstorms and very high winds. I decided to call this one Anger.


I decided to visit Happy first. I walk around and meet some very nice people. They all welcomed me with open arms, and didn’t think twice about it. Some of them asked where I was from, and once I told them that a tornado had brought me here, they would ask if I had visited the dark part. I shake my head and then I would get a warning. “Do not go there, it is a bad idea.” Well of course I ask why but no one would tell me. Of course that made me curious. I walked around a little more and decided it was time to move on. Maybe I’ll find a way home, out of this crazy world.


Calm wasn’t much different from Happy. The people weren’t as excited and welcoming, but they were still super nice. It was a bit cooler here too. I didn’t know how hot is was in Happy until I crossed the line into Calm. The same things happened when people asked about me; they would ask about - what I call - anger, and then tell me to steer clear of it.


Sad was completely different from Happy and Calm. I walked around and no one said a word. It made me feel like I had to keep my head down, and not look up or talk to anyone. I came across a sign that pointed one way; to Angry. I look around and every seemed to be going in that direction, so why can’t I?


I cross the line to Angry, and the whole atmosphere is different. It’s humid, and the wind is blowing 90 to nothing. I hear a lot of yelling and look around and see that there are fights going on everywhere. I decided to ask how I could get out of here by all I got back was either a mean look, or someone yelled at me. I started walking around, minding my own business and I come across a sign that read, “You’re never leaving now.” What does that even mean? I keep walking and find another one, “There is no way out, help me.” Help who? No way out of where? I didn’t like this place at all.. I should have listened to the people of Happy. I decide to go back to happy and figure out how I get to go home. I walk to the divider of Happy and Angry, and I can’t cross. There is a invisible wall that prevents me from crossing…

January 3rd, 2006, maybe?

I am now the person yelling, and fighting… I do not like what I have become, but I can not help it. I was around the yelling and screaming so much that I went mad, and became one of them.. I can remember my old life and I know that it was 1999 when I left, but what year is it now? If I have kept up with time correctly, it is 2006. Every day I walk the border of Angry and try to find a way out, with no success..

I’m stuck here and I can't find a way out… I can’t stop yelling and being mean to the nice people that wonder here, just like I did years ago… I’ll keep trying, but I am slowly loosing hope…