Why do I write? What is the reasoning behind my ideas? Why do I feel the need to share this information? What am I trying to convey to the reader?

These are all questions that mysteriously popped into my head late at night -because late night thoughts are the best thoughts right? But, it truly made me think- "Why, as wells as, who do I want to reach". The answer is quite simple.

My goal is to influence, motivate, inspire, captivate, guide, promote a desire for confidence and success, all while creating an authentic connection between myself and the reader. Granted, I will not be able to help every single person, but if my words help at least one person, I'd consider that a victory.

Now the question that rolls in is, what qualifies me to form this relationship? I am 19-year-old African American nursing major at a predominately white institution, who has a love for theatre yet has often become conflicted with her life's destiny as well as facing MULTIPLE rejections throughout her college career.

I am as relatable as it gets. I know what it feels like being the outsider, not knowing many pop culture references. I understand the frustration of wanting to be the best, but not knowing where to start. Struggling to determine who you are and what your purpose is a subject I think about daily. But, at the end, of the day I have to keep pushing, be BOLD and continue striving every day.

As a reader, you indulge yourself in the words of the author and form a connection with either the characters or the author themselves, depending on the genre. In writing, there are no restrictions, which makes it all the more significant. The possibilities are unlimited, allowing readers to easily find the content that best fits them.

Without the power of literature, journalism, reporting, we as a human race, would be lost without a cause. In today's society, we use these mechanisms with an absent mind through the use of our phones, computer, laptops. The timelines of Twitter and Facebook have, in a sense, become the modern persona of local newspaper listings due to the tight connection of the communities.

However, in my case, I want to expand my reach to not ONLY "Friends, or "Followers", or feel limited to 140, 280 character limit per post". My writing is free. My writing is pure. My writing is sincere.

As a writer, my goal is to be the voice of the those who remain unheard. I feel an obligation and responsibility to be the voice of those who cannot express themselves easily. To allow the reader to find a common ground of similarity while reading my thoughts and ideas. I want to answer the questions they often ask themselves OR ask the questions that they AREN'T asking in order to feed the hunger of knowledge

To you, the reader, this is not only my introduction to you but my promise. As we encounter this journey together, as we grow, let us make a pact to always be the truth of ourselves.