Let's face it. We are all at that point in the semester where all we want is to just go home. Spring weekend has come and gone, classes are coming to a close, and the only thing that stands between us and summer vacation is finals week. We are all tired of microwave living, far away parking, group work, and deadlines. Personally, I feel as though there is one person I can relate to on a spiritual level throughout all of this, and that man, is Red Forman. While you may not say any of this on the outside, you are on the inside.

Everyone's thoughts during Spring Weekend:

When in reality you still have 3 papers, 4 exams, and 2 presentations to do:

When there's a hot-button issue being discussed in class:

When you're just so sick of everyone being annoying:

Hearing even the slightest sound during quiet hours:

Trying to cram 341 definitions into your head in the simplest ways possible:

People asking me to help with their stuff when I have my own to worry about:

Your reaction when someone asks you the name of your final paper:

When late night studying gets the best of you:

Being realistic with yourself:

Asking yourself important life questions:

Trying to convince your friends we are very close to being in the real world:

Just remember, you'll make it through finals week, eventually. Just live through these wise words of encouragement, and embrace your inner Red Forman.