The End of Fall Semester as Told by the Grinch

Although it felt like it would never come at one point, suddenly the end of the semester is right around the corner. Some college students may be fully prepared for this...but lets be honest, for most of us, it hit us like a ton of bricks. Classes are coming to a close and finals are showing up way too soon. Throughout the struggle of school and the holidays this year, I have begun to realize that we are all basically the Grinch. Here's why:

1. When your professor decides to assign two essays, a homework assignment, and a test all due the week before finals exams.

Ah yes, the time in the semester where every professor seems to forget that we all have other classes to worry about on top of theirs (not to mention jobs and other things going on in our lives.) They always feel the need to pile everything on at the last minute to make you crazy...and it works.

2. Losing your cool once or twice... and maybe a few more times after that.

It can be hard to stay calm at this time in the semester. You have too much homework and not enough sleep. You may not mean to be snapping at anyone, or even realize that you are doing it...but sometimes the stress just builds up inside you and end up letting it all out.

3. Procrastination has become your #1 skill.

You are tired. You just want everything to be done but you don't want to actually do it, and you will do everything in your power to make excuses for putting it off until the last possible second.

4. Getting out of bed to go to class keeps getting harder and harder each day.

You know you should go...but that doesn't mean you are going to every single one. Once again, you will do everything to find an excuse not to do it.

5. Going out is a struggle.

You are basically a hermit. Studying for finals and getting last minute assignments done is so time-consuming, you eventually realize you haven't actually spoken to anyone or seen the outside world in days.

6. You begin to eat anything and everything.

Yes. Yes you are. It is a combination of stress and trying to avoid your assignments

7. How you feel when studying the worst chapter of the semester.

You know you are not an idiot, but your emotions can get the best of you.

8. When you are wishing there was extra credit available.

That's what you get for slacking on some of your assignments earlier in the semester...

9. You long for Christmas because it means that the madness is finally over.

Christmas is many people's favorite holiday anyway, but no matter how you feel about it, it has to bring you joy after making your way painfully through another hard semester.

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