The Economic Benefits of Buying A Tiny House

Tiny houses are all the rage right now. They save space and promote minimalism. Sizing from 100 - 400 sq. ft., everyone who hears about them is confused, asking "How can I afford to have everything I own in a tiny house? Is it worth it? This is a craze!" I'm going to tell you why it works!

68% of tiny house owners don't have a mortgage. That single fact alone should blow your mind. Just think - you wouldn't have to worry about a house payment, but you would still have enough room to live.

Tiny houses make people confront the fact that they can't keep everything. People learn that they need the essentials: Water, food, electricitity, and plumbing. Past that: it's all wants - not needs.

How much room do you really need for all of that? About 100 sq. ft. Most tiny house owners have a housethat's 300 - 400 sq. ft. Some owner have a house that's 190 sq. ft.

Tiny houses save the monthly bill. Some tiny house owners have a house that costs $50 a month. The average tiny house is $30,000 compared to the average $270,000 house. 32% of tiny house owners have $10,000 saved in their retirement. Also, tiny houses allow their owners to have mobility. Some people travel around their countries. Instead of staying in $1,000 apartments, they could stay in their tiny house. Some say the economic side of tiny houses is astounding. Look into investing in them, they can really save you some money.

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