The Dwarf Chronicles Part 3
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The Dwarf Chronicles Part 3

Just two mercenaries trying to survive one mission at a time

The Dwarf Chronicles Part 3

" Was that his security detail? It looked like some animal came in and tore the place. John is we facing off against werewolves again Or is it demons from the 9th dimensions. Those claw marks are the same ones Arnuk, and I found on the mission to Europe once." Said Brom

John shook his head in disagreement and expanded to the next image.

"Sorry, my dwarf compadre you are wrong on both accounts this is the handy work of Warlord Trakkios and his men. Our friends from level thirty-seven Intelligence departments gathered some DNA samples from the scene. All the answers lead to Warlord Trakkios. He kidnaped the senator at his hotel in D.C. Luckily his family wasn't with him."

“So if this great senator got kidnap shouldn’t his government be the one getting him back in one piece. Why is this being stuck down on us to save him? Arnuk said

John prepared another slide, and the image was set on a small island with a metallic ring compound in the island. The island looked like an iron fortress.

"Arnuk the reason why is because I'm the one that won the bid on the contracted. I'm the one with the contact and you assholes are the ones I pay to do this damn missions! If you two want to question every little thing I say. The door is right there for you to fuck off. I'll just get the three pansy ass elves from upstairs to take this godman job! John said

The poor mole's veins were about to burst out of his head. As the mole was about to unleash more of his verbal fury, he noticed the smile from both Arnuk and Brom.

"Boss we are just fucking with you. Of course, we will take the mission. It's a simple catch and grab" said Brom.

Arnuk couldn't stop laughing at the moles face.

"John you know how much we love seeing you pissed off a little" Said Arnuk

John shoved the chair out the way " I swear you two can never stop with your jokes. You almost gave me a stroke" John stormed off and slammed the door behind him.

Both warriors looked and one another and felt a feeling of remorse.

Brom crossed his hands and turned to Arnuk.

" Arnuk maybe we should lay off the little guy he is our boss."

Arnuk scratched his head in thought and did feel a little sorry about the mole storming off.

"I guess you make a solid point I don't want him kneeling over a grave," said Arnuk

Then after a long moment, they both smiled and laughed their asses off. Who were they kidding they loved fucking with the little guy. Their banter with him made their day better.

Brom stood up and walked toward the screen to check out the picture of Warlord Trakkios. The beast was something of a sight. He has a humanoid tiger head full of scars all around. He though it must have been an experiment gone wrong or one of those animal hybrids that passed through the break way back when.

Arnuk stood up and gathered the information to his gauntlet.

Without a word, both men knew they were going to the armory to suit up. Brom and Arnuk always loved getting ready for any mission. The armory was a large metal room with rows of weapons you can think of. On section had all bladed weapons from swords to battle axes while the other section had all types of firearms. From old muskets to more advance weaponry. Many of the mercenaries walk through here to get any weapon they might have needed for their missions When looking at the room it may look crowded to the naked eye, but in actuality, the room was spaced out in different sections. Using the elevators at the end of the rows will take anyone to the desired weapon they wanted. But for Arnuk and Brom they always like to rely on the weapons that they brought with them from their homeland of Corath. Brom and Arnuk walked to the far corner of the last row and typed in their codes to get the weapons they needed. Arnuk got his revolvers, well more like miniature cannons for a creature of his size. Average revolvers wouldn’t work for him. So he used the armor research team and created his revolvers. He also created the magic bullets for his guns. He fused different elements with fire and a combination of ice particles. That was one of his gunsmith talents; He was more of a wizard and a gun head mixed. Brom, on the other hand, he used his twin katanas. He fused his chi to them for more devasting killing power. They could cut through anything, with a couple of modifications from Arnuk he can shoot his chi out of his swords if there were ever in a tight corner. Now with their weapons intact, they arrived at the top of the building on the helipad. The airship came and got them up in the air to get to their destination covertly. After some hours passed by both men were silent and mentally preparing for the enemies to come.

Arnuk looked through the window and nudged at Brom

“ Hey, little man we arrived at our destination.”

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