Many people are looking at cryptocurrency with a bias or skeptic lens. However, the market should be looked at through a long-term investor mindset. It is still emerging and has so much growth potential. However, people are right on some things.

There are problems in the cryptocurrency market. Something like Bitconnect should have never happened. Also, at least 95% or more ICOs I have seen are unnecessary or a scam. Regulations aren't what comes to mind. Maybe a non-bias DAO that can vote or rate securities but certainly not government regulations as much as a trusted organization.

Although, I rather just keep it fully decentralized. A rating system like what many cryptocurrency startups are doing can fix all this. Also reliability. The future of crypto isn't going to be asset or token based as much as application based.

We are going to have many decentralized apps, or interconnected P2P networks in the future. If Quantum Computing becomes a thing, and utilize a distributed computing model with a Quantum Computing based model then the opportunities for solving many of the world's technological problems seem almost endless. The further technology is heading, the future decentralization is heading. We just need to make sure it is used in a moral and beneficial way to humanity.

The next few decades I see social statuses and professions dramatically changing. If we do things right and support a free market society, we can even start bringing developing countries back up. These are just some of the things I envision.