The Different Types Of Cool Wooden Serving Board Designs
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The Different Types Of Cool Wooden Serving Board Designs

When the circular saw was introduced, it was to cut clean wood slabs as a cutting board.

The Different Types Of Cool Wooden Serving Board Designs

Softwood was the most common wood type, so most cutting boards were made of it.

It was the industrial age when the butchery industry was developed. After that, the butchery industry developed the thick and durable butcher block. In today's time, it is not necessary to use the same old simple design of the wooden boards; there are now several designs and formations of wooden boards which you can use for your kitchen. In this article, we will tell you about the best design of wooden cutting board which you can use.

Nimbus Cloud Cutting Board

This type of WholesaleOlivewood cutting board is in the shame of the fluffy flying nimbus. It is made by a solid maple board that will add nothing but a fun element to your routine in the kitchen. You can use this board when you have friends coming over and sample the cheeses and your favorite finger foods. While it may look cloudy, it is a sturdy construction made with sourced maple, ensuring durability.

Puzzle Block Cutting Board

These are made with eco-friendly bamboo in the shape of a puzzle. You can attach the four blocks to form a bigger cutting board to cut bigger food items.

Masu Serving Board

It is an elegant yet modern cutting board that you can use for serving sashimi cheese, bread, or sushi. The minimal platform can be used for presenting food, while the seamless basin will hold the sauce. Cantilevered edges are crafted in a manner that creates an illusion of items floating. This makes masu a stylish piece for any type of modern party. You will also get a white plate, a white solid surface mode of non-porous materials. These materials prevent the growth of bacteria and are safe to use in dishwashers.

Puzzle Piece Wine Glass Plate

It is a modern and handmade puzzle piece that will hold the plates with the help of the wine glass. These are perfect for wine parties. The inner cut of the board will hold the wine glass while your guests are enjoying the party. You can also use the board as a cutting board, or when you connect all 4 pieces, you will get a long serving tray. The set is ideal for any party in the outdoors with limited seating. You can also use them as a long-serving tray, or a cutting board.

Hawaiian Golden Shower Board

This beautiful board can be used as a cutting board and as the front's serving board. It is best for cutting fruit and bread to serve with dips or sauces. This board also has a hold near the middle for dual purposes. The great benefit is that they are a convenient way of hanging and storing your cutting board for display; another benefit is they are perfect for the small bowl to keep the favorite spreads.

3 Tiered Wooden Board

This board is a 3-tiered combination of a serving tray. It also comes with a cheese board, three cheese tools, and two serving plates. You can connect the tiers with two poles and top it off with the wooden finial. This board is made with eco-friendly wood, which is famous for its beautiful grain and durability. The serving trays are located atop cheese board base to create an attractive food arrangement. This board has a decorative groove along with the edges to match the moat on the cheese board.

Prime Cutting Serving Board

This wooden board is made with marbled bamboo and durable food-safe silicone. This board size is about 10 x 9. It is best to use it for decorative purposes and cutting boards. This bamboo is smoked to provide rich color embedded in food-safe pure silicone.

Oak Cutting Board

Oak is a hard-wearing wood. They do not ooze the sap from the surfaces. This type of cutting board will protect the knives and not dull them. Oak also looks beautiful, and you can also use it for serving. Wood such as oaks are equipped with a high hardness rating but has a porous grain.

Cherry Cutting Board

A cherry cutting is the most durable and beautiful board. The softer texture helps protect knives from damage. Cherry has a nice red look that looks amazing. Most boards have a mix of other wood that provides a unique design. The cherry board is created and crafted with the end grain wood.


These are some of the best designs of wooden boards that you can buy for your kitchen. If you are looking for the best handcrafted wooden kitchenware, you should buy the items from Forest Décor as they have the best varieties and designs, which you will love for your kitchen.

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