The Difference Between Trump and Bidens Gun Reform Plans
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The Difference Between Trump and Bidens Gun Reform Plans

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The Difference Between Trump and Bidens Gun Reform Plans

Since 2016 there have been around 1,570 mass shootings killing hundreds of people and wounding thousands. A mass shooting is defined as a shooting that involves four or more people being injured or killed in around the same location. Unfortunately, among countries with a similar economic status as the United States, gun violence disproportionately affects Americans more than any of these other countries which include Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Since Trump took office in 2016, there have been heated debates over Gun laws, many criticizing Trump for not taking enough measures to prevent these shootings from happening. With the 2020 election coming up it is vital that people look into both Donald Trump and Joe Biden's plans for gun violence. The question we all have to ask is, "How many people have to get killed in order for a change to happen?" Because when there is more mass shooting then days in a year, that's a problem that most of us are not willing to ignore anymore.

Donald Trump: what he has done to stop gun violence during his presidency

In 2017, Trump signed a bill that made it harder (not impossible or illegal) for people with recorded mental illnesses to obtain guns. In 2018, Trump passed a ban that made it illegal for people to buy bump stocks. Bump stocks make a semi-automatic gun shoot like an automatic gun. On top of that, he also made all states create Extreme Risk Protection Orders, which many call "red-flag laws." These laws allow police to take guns away from people who seem to be a threat to society and even themselves.

 Donald Trump: what he says he'll do in the future to end gun violence

Donald Trump has consistently said he thinks there should be better background checks. But again, many people think he has not done a lot to back that claim. Often times when a reporter questions him about his stance he turns mass shootings and background checks into a partisan issue. He often, and unsurprisingly, turns everything around on democrats.

He once said when questioned again about expanding background checks, "If this is a movement by the Democrats to take your guns away, it's never going to happen."

On top of that Donald Trump often contradicts his own statements on background checks and gun reform, as seen in this article. Many believe he does this to get NRA supporters to vote for him.

Joe Biden: ban on assault weapons

Joe Biden wants to ban all assault weapons, which seems to be the popular gun choice in tons of mass shootings in America. Some of these include the massacres at the Orlando Strip (2016), Las Vegas Strip (2017), and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (2018). Because of the accuracy and speed of these assault weapons, these three shootings alone were able to kill in a total of 124 innocent civilians. On top of that Joe Biden will even ban the importation of assault weapons into America, thus minimizing the number of guns in circulation.

Joe Biden: buy back plan 

Since the United States has very loose laws on guns, many people have assault rifles and high capacity magazines. In order to get these weapons out of civilian hands, Biden would let people sell their weapons to the government. If they don't want to sell their assault rifle back for some reason, their only other legal option is to register them under Biden's National Firearms Act. Under this act, the person possessing the firearm would have to go through extensive background checks. This system will also help regulate all the people who have assault rifles.

Joe Biden: stance on background checks 

Biden will require anyone who buys a gun to undergo background checks. According to Biden's campaign website, about 1 in 5 people, or 20 percent, who buy a gun do not undergo a background check. Ontop of that Biden will also increase funding for these background check systems.

Joe Biden: plan to ban online guns sales and closing loopholes 

Biden would prohibit the sale of gun parts, gun kits, guns, and ammunition. As well he would try to close the many gun loopholes in America some of which allow convicted hate crime felons to buy guns.

Joe Biden: plan to reduce stop piling. 

Many people in the United States are able to stockpile tons of guns because of loose laws. Joe Biden supports legislation created by March for Our Lives, which would limit a person to buy only one gun a month.

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