The Dichotomy Of Decisions

Everything in this world is up for grabs; friends, career choices, emotions, achievements, etc. Anything you desire in life is attainable if you simply reach outside your comfort zone and go for it. As a freshman in college, many people say it's fine to be undecided, but that's my problem in life; I want to be everything. The abundance of decisions in life is overwhelming and I sometimes find it hard to make up my mind. I want to be a sweet, innocent, graceful ballerina, but at the same time I want tattoo sleeves, piercings, black attire and screamo. I want to be a famous movie star who dresses elegantly for award shows and walks the red carpet, but simultaneously I want to be a recluse in the jungles of the Amazon surviving only off of nature. I want to be a Coffee Barista surrounded by creams, syrups, and muffins for the rest of my life, but I also want to teach surf lessons on the Na Pali coastline. This is the daily struggle with major decisions. Part of me wants to go in different directions, and the only thing I fear is the wrong choice. My dilemma is not knowing what I want to do with my life, because everything is appealing to my soul. My problem is choosing. Making an executive finalized decision of the path to decide my life.

With so many choices and decisions it leaves me questioning; would my entire life be completely different if I had made a minor decision change? We have the power to transform our lives daily with the simple decisions we make, and sometimes it can be difficult to discern the good from the bad, or the right choice from the wrong one. Life is filled with choices, and these decisions becoming defining factors in our life. Doubt can keep even the boldest man in the shadows, and occasionally our skepticism can hinder us from choosing our true desires. Follow your heart, because indecision steals many years from people who regret taking the leap. But do not fret or allow yourself to worry, the wisdom required for these predicaments will come when the time is right, and your maturity will aid in making the correct conclusion.

Maybe I am alone in my curiosity for the many choices in life. My desire to experience the unknown is what keeps my inquisitive spirit thriving. To understand the structure of a day in the life of a trash man. Simply, fascinating. Every decision, large or small, has aided in the position of your life and where you will end up. Making big decisions can be a bit terrifying, but regret is an even scarier feeling, and at the end of my life I want no disappointments for what I could or should have done. Some of your decisions you will be proud of, and some will haunt you. But you are what you choose to be. I have no solution to this curiosity for the abundance of choices available except, find what you love and choose that.

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