The Demons Beneath You Are The Demons Beside You

The Demons Beneath You Are The Demons Beside You

An Intergalactic Tragedy

The Demons Beneath You Are The Demons Beside You

~The Sapphire Moon Goddess~ // ~A love letter written from beyond the grave~

"She wishes to kiss your lips. She wishes to caress your soul with malevolent satisfaction; however, she cannot. Her tongue is overtaken by shards of glass which beholds a young, stargazer's potion. Drink, oh drink, my lovely. Drink until the floral skies abduct your young, wandering mind of fading innocence.

The spider in the staircase summons your weakened soul once again, and you collapse under the swiveling pressure of my love." ~ Sincerely, Zoella, your lost lover.

~The Crimson Lovers~// ~A love letter in response to my ex stargazer~

"Our halos shatter as we inherit the bleeding moon. You were handcrafted by the twirling, crimson demons that often delve into meditation's vast tragedy. But despite your sinister inheritance, I was magnetized to your earth-shattering being. For the wing of a wandering sparrow could not direct my navigation to you ever so clearly. And it was just that; a wing of a sparrow that sharpens its gliding blade, as it prepares to face the instigating portal of gleaming, intergalactic clouds."

~The Demons beneath you are the Demons beside you~

The concoction I displayed to your withering palms begins to sparkle in your veins, and emits a gullible emotion to your fading soul. The fever dissipates, and you collapse into the sinister air. I drag you to the bed of the school's clinic; and plop down into my plush chair of magenta. I swivel left to right, rationalizing a seamless plight of abduction. Whilst I plot, I tap my pastel drenched acrylic nails on my desk of soul- chilling stone.

Twirling my curled, strawberry blonde hair, I waited to receive a phone call. But it seems that there are no more ill teens in the building. I glance to the marble fireplace and project my gruesome visions unto you. Squirm, darling, squirm; for you shall not escape the grip of my brutal, clasping hands.

The crystal ball on the vanity shatters due to the blood-curdling shrieks you release from your trembling skeleton. I reach for my desk drawer and grasped a bloody syringe into my hands of satin. Thrill washed over me, and the needles slashed your porcelain skin.

For your veins shall be drenched in chains of solitary confinement of my laughter. I taste the fear on your tongue and I begin to giggle with vast contentment. Your silky, lavender lips conceal so many secrets, for they shall prepares to bury more beneath the veins.

I inject a thermometer under the chilled tongue, but received a temperature of sheer blankness. This very evidence instills that I have captured your very being in the depths of my ominous soul. You power me. You compensate my mind with horrid kaleidoscope visions of drifting trenches that consume bland amber. But your very vicinity tickles me with gleaming delight of a thriving, intergalactic goddess. At the very image, I grow bored, and sashay in your direction.

I suffocate your porcelain skin in celluloid and preserve you as my flawless prisoner. Your precious face melts unto my body as I carry you out of this dreary clinic. My heeled combat boots click and clack onto the surface of a shimmering, cream, marble floor.

I was a master of this facade; a chronic, Deja-vu-inflicting nymphet. And as I carry your ill body down the desolate hall, the intergalactic demons surround me and praise the prolonging journey. They speak, installing thoughts of a relishing intellectual into my absorbing mind.

"For every dream you have conceived is a symbolization of your past life, my dear."

I tossed your dangling body into the backseat of my vintage, rose pink Cadillac. I drove cautiously as if I were driving a hurse with a decaying corpse in the trunk. I glanced into the gold-rimmed rear-view mirror, whilst taking precautions of any authority nearby.

The pink, satin sheet caresses your frigid skin, and I display a smirk of a devious gleam in my pity-seeking eyes. And during this long drive through the city, I swam through several moments of accusation-al summoning in my mind. All of these vanishing thoughts swarmed through my decrepit head like rabid butterflies of bitter shock.

The lightning through my veins begins to seduce my skin and I fantasize about the sweet torture I have yet to bestow onto you.

A tranquil symphony shall bleed through your tongue and shattering eyes; I will snicker and engage in great pleasure as I acknowledge your vast suffering. I gaze back into the rear view mirror as I drowned my plump lips in a bloody crimson shade. With my left hand cushioned in between my thighs, I scream for the blood moon to share her presence with an astrological society.

I beg her to shower me with gracious tendencies of a fleeting demon. Tranquilize me, my darling. Enslave me in my eternal past life with unremorseful fate. Dear moon goddess, bedazzle my aching soul with pure innocence of a crowned thorn of mysterious tendencies. Astrological goddess, we must walk hand and hand through this crystal-hazed journey.

My captive inhales my potion intensely, and gets locked in a fairy tale wonder land.

My right foot reaches for the brake as we swiftly pull up to the winding driveway. I shut off the car and make my way to the backseat; I kiss your ear and shed all my sparkling tears onto your forehead. You woke up to a facade of your mother, but had not the slightest inclination.

You follow me into the chamber of a hopeless romantic's dreams. I stroke your long, glistening auburn hair as I lay you to rest on the leather sofa.

My heart dwindles upon an aching symphony, as my mind bathed in the thought of an unachievable romance. For she would never treasure the real me, so therefore, I drift into the persona of the high school heartthrob I longed to be.

I trudged to the bathroom, preparing to unravel my facade. I drew my bath in rosewater and added the perfume of angel food cake scented lather. As the claw-foot tub filled, I twirled my hair into Velcro curlers. I grabbed my champagne glass, and as I did so, it magnetized to my lips, and I was hooked on the soothing sensation of self-enjoyment.

My feet, buried under the twinkling bubbles. Sheer fantasies ceased my beautiful mind, and I was in paradise, pure paradise. I bite my lips and conjure up a brilliant philosophy. Chucking to myself, I gander at my ivory legs as I sink into the tub. The warmth of the bath water gently cradles my soapy skin of subtle lilac.

Under the influence of my own challenge, my heart skips a beat, and my lungs start to wither. Tasteless discomfort surrounds me, but I am at one with my suspicious behavior.

I drain the bath and begin to cackle with rejuvenated monstrosity of future terror. It frees me! Oh, how it frees me! For the bomb shelter of your bliss is now vanished, mi amour.

I sit upright in the bath and rinse my body of any remnants of purity. I rise to my feet and reach for my towel. I looked into the mirror and witnessed every sinister emotion alive, staining my blood-drained face. I rose my shaking hands to my stunning face of sparkling plaster. My gray eyes glisten to the tone of fluorescent lighting, and my lips bleed at the hands of a gouging thorn.

Unraveling my hair from the Velcro curlers, I vanish into every vision of you. My shimmering, strawberry blonde hair glides like silk through my soft bristled brush. I shall visit you in my true, lustful form.

I pucker my lips, and plot as if to how I will preserve you in your past life. I shall smother and suffocate your very soul in the finest perfume, so that I may inject this encapsulated poison into your veins as I please.

I wrap my body in a dress of pink satin. My skin absorbs the shimmering hues of my dress so exquisitely, and I melt inside my head within my own drowning thoughts. Images of torture wash over me and I bite my blood soaked lips.

However, I was ready to engage in such euphorically-induced lust. I bust down the bathroom door and I scream for you. I grasp the bloody syringes in each hand, preparing to extract your youthful blood of a naïve child.

Shrieking and clawing, your nails grip my skin of stone and tear through every crack, scarring my bleeding body with ash of temporary defeat. I drag your pale body to the demon's lair, and I cackled; high off of the adrenaline, I acted more of a bitter, sadistic criminal than before.

I lay you down onto the clinic's bed and extract every ounce of youth you possess in your veins. I unravel a capsule that contains your past life as a fellow nurse at the high school. You were aged twenty, as well as I. We were once lovers, but you escaped me through an enchanting spell. You created a whole new life form, leaving me behind is such dire straits. Your intentions were mental torture. And even to this day, that pill is so difficult to swallow; that very pill that washes over my mind with the heart wrenching image of my high school sweetheart rejecting my love.

But now, your veins flow with the same blood you were assigned to as an intergalactic nurse. Your precious hand shall permanently rest in mine. This is the happy house, and here you shall stay for perpetuity. "You were my undercover lover, all these fucking years. Darling, I think you have truly driven me crazy."

Your heart bedazzles mine, and I finally start to remember the very aroma of affection you always left on my skin. For you couldn't resist the purifying emotion of relentless lust. The forbidden fruit melts away in your eyes and I beg for more. I shelter your eyes, filled with a glorious, sacred romance. The fragrance of you stains my tongue of sweet melancholy.

I abruptly detach myself from you and observe the remains of your youthful blood. Sighing, and cackling again, I begin to lose myself. All of my defeat, all of my failed attempts, all of my torture swims in this bottle of a hellish galaxy. I shatter the capsule, screaming in sheer, violent tones. Throwing myself to the floor, I roll into the puddle of euphoric potion; tossing and frolicking into every vast form of torture. Bashing my fists to the marble floor, and swallowing the tearful regrets running down my face. This is what it truly feels like to become a monster.

The glass sliced my decaying skin open and created an open wound. The wound absorbed the potion of euphoric torture, and my body chemistry began to change. I became the past life I despised.

My reincarnation was every nightmare I conceived through a sinister underworld.

I wish to parish; I wish to not relive such horrors.

Could it be that you are every opponent I have faced in my melancholy, lucid night dreams? The very opponent who could butcher my weary soul with a thrilling smile. Satan in disguise, you must be.

I will handcraft a hellish galaxy for your unremorseful soul. I shall kill you.

It is truly inhumane to watch a person suffer in such a way. You shall not accomplish your cruel destiny, for I plan to end every thought of you. At the very formation of my plight, my face carves out a very grim smile of malicious vengeance.

The bath is to be drenched in a hazy, crimson ultraviolet. Your very mind will shatter under the weight of one thousand, tiny needles swimming in the deflating organs. I can't bury the excitement, so I rose to my feet, and slashed your skin with the bloody syringes, yet again.

"I'll let the screaming silence trace your cyanide-laced brain."

Cackling, once more, I brush my butcher knife over your mellifluous neck.

"Re-conceived into a past life's fading melody, striking every drenched daydream violently. As you abandon your mind, you run for the fields of vast disgrace. You open your bleeding hands to find nothing but a forgotten note of remorse, left to you by your shattered dreams."

"Swallow my gray heart with a very dull pity. Please, oh please, take a syringe to my soul, and paint it gray. Color no longer lives alongside of my spirit. Lovely, you shall simmer into the enchanted fantasy I preserve you in. Your smile is my complete destiny, and the colors you emit fill my very soul with an odyssey of gleaming contentment."

The syringes slash down your porcelain skin, and I drain you of your glorious color. And the astrology your heart contains is now mine. You lay on the floor begging your "lover" for mercy. Romance and seduction is in the air, but as I speak, your voice begins to tear. However, you cannot resist the gleaming consummation I produce for your greedy soul that acquires every motion of my love; your mind is my dungeon.

You believed the demons were beneath you, but they're right beside you, whistling this gracious symphony.

"We will take you to love, we will take you to the galaxy. Just clasp my hand and follow the shrilling of all my ex-lovers."

"Permanent slumber is right around the corner, my dear."

Rising to my feet, I violently grasp your hair with the vision of murder, strolling through my seamless head. I stabbed at your hollow chest with maroon-drenched syringes as I drug you up the concrete slate steps. You gasped for breath, and however I, inhaled every particle of oxygen so exquisitely. I was vastly rejuvenated

"What you don't realize, is that I will magnetize your bleeding soul with a shimmering, bitter catastrophe. I shall dip your bones in ravishing remnants of sweet chaos. Prepare for the screaming symphony to bleed through your aching ears."

"Lover, shall we take a bath to cleanse us of our undying sins of intergalactic hybrids? Lover, it feels colder above the stairs. Follow me, and you shall be comforted with the sparkling foam of a gracious waterfall."

Unraveling your crimson-drenched lace dress, your body presented such brutal pleasure. I drew your bath with crumbling envy, peering into the intergalactic sparkles.

"There's nothing left for you, my dear, Beatrice."

I imagine the last bubbles floating to the surface of the bath. I ravish every morbid vision. And my nails tap to the rhythm of your beating heart. My philosophy of your death was strikingly correct, my love. The re-connections of your past life shall die with you; they shall prepare to parish under the influence of your flowing river of pearl-dressed tears.

As I instruct you to lay on your back, naked, in an empty bath tub; I refused to run the water. And you begged and you begged. "Zoella, please release me from this potion-en laced chamber."

And so the golden tears begin to stream down your precious, porcelain face. Your dull pities were silent, and I controlled you under the power of my sinister will. So you begin to fill the tub with your shimmering tears. gandering at these actions proposed by you, my face was dowsed with glee as I witnessed your excruciating misery.

"Little do you know; you're going to drown in your own sorrowful tears."

I weigh you down with crystallized stones of an emerald pixie. And I hold your throat below the surface. The last bubbles float to the top, and I left you adrift in the bathtub. I needed to cleanse my hands of slaughter, but I just didn't know how to do so. I let out a fleeting shrill as my knees locked and threw me to the floor. I made an incision with my teeth, piercing my pout, and releasing the flavor of tin to flow down my esophagus.

The realization was there; I killed my lover. She lays in the tears of her own fading destiny.

I removed the stone from your wrists and drained the tub of a hellish liquid. Panting, my mind tapers into the space inside my mind that emits great dread. How I wished that Aphrodite could've kissed you one last time. But as you died, Aphrodite ceased within your skeleton. And in my mind, I keep receiving these dwindling emotions of our last shared lust.

A part of me wishes I would've preserved you in a perishing capsule. And another part of me wishes I could rescue your soul from eternal suffering. Ultimately, I wished you didn't have to cross over to the intergalactic dimension alone.

For chagrin eyes have faded into mine for the last time. I wallow though the apocalyptic tragedy, hysterical, and feeding off of psychosis intervals.

Your body lays hollow and chilled like the last burning embers of a mid-winter's bonfire. Your galaxy stained lips are now drenched in a tragic shade of violet. Shunning my insidious side, I had to rescue from this somber solitude. But as I got a vestige of your intoxicating perfume, I clawed at my veins, shrieking in vast agony.

"My Beatrice, I am so solemn without you. I cannot bury you, for you are deserving of so much more than just a monotonous tombstone that soon falls decrepit under your dissipating shadow."

I reflected, and I reflected on the cryptic potion, woven by angelic, Despoina. I shall bathe in the potion of mysticism, and delight the presence of you with a softened halo.

I grasped your body with my trembling arms and begged you to come back. Despite you being my manipulator, my undercover lover whom wore a decaying mask, I realized I was just like you. However, I must put this body to rest. I must end this disgraceful notion once and for all; but a useless daydreamer like me only exists for the pleasure of the eye. There is nothing that one like me could possibly do.

I hauled your hollow skeleton in my arms for what seemed like eternity. Weeping, sobbing, gasping, I held your body with the vast despair of a falling moon goddess. Whilst tasting the venomous raptors, I pray that your unrested soul may kill me. I carry you to your grave and watch the flowers bloom from your eyes. For you are vastly star struck, my dear.

These very pastel flowers continue to bloom from your picturesque hands, challenging any butterfly to attack the bleeding dawn. For the thorn of a rose could not reach deep enough to cut the veins of this intergalactic deity. With the remnants of gold chains dangling from your wrists, and a chagrin smile inhabiting your modelesque face, I prepare to hear the symphony. I lay you down, preparing to bury you in the dirt; but I just can't. I just can't ravish a connotation such that represents a notion of vague, transpiring horrors.

For I know I shall awaken with your lustrous past life. But as I hear your otherworldly voice project such harsh words unto me, my very soul shatters in your malevolent presence.

"Darling, oh darling, the voice of screaming angels is so sweet; you dazzle my very vicinity. The tasteless murmurs of fading memories that never projected to the future begin to dissipate, and I smile. Rose thorn, rose thorn, please gouge me, please save me. Make me reminisce in the melancholy dreams of a sky filled with sequence clouds. Bitter, bitter, you owe me your eternal life. The ribbons of your numbing fragrance challenge my bleeding eyes to heartbreak of exploding dusk. Star struck by your charming presence, I'll melt away with you in your galaxy. Goddess, I worship your every being."

A swiveling pressure of an insidious vicinity begins to weigh down on my lungs. My lover is prepared to curse me. Perhaps I should bury myself in a casket of elusive remorse. In the casket, I plan to drown in my own blood and rejoice within the respects I pay to you, my precious, Beatrice.

She rose ever so angelically to her feet, clasping a bloody syringe in her left hand. The velvet, crimson moon swims in her hazel eyes. And a sinister haze splashes among her cradling hands. "Zoella, my dear, this dimension is ending for you. Perhaps you shall prepare to coexist in my handmade galaxy of a lustful underworld. Taste, oh taste the bleeding rain drops that caress your ever so soft tongue of electric satin. Come forth, come forth, my lover."

My soul began to wither and bleed into your asserting palms. The flavor of life begins to exhaust from my very soul. You grasp my bleeding skeleton and you force me to stay on this planet with your wondering soul. The astrology of our hearts fade, and you slash my ribs with a gaping dagger. With blood spewing out of my mouth, I beg you to cease these actions of great malevolence. You then grabbed my perishing body and injected an addictive poison-dosed romance into my empty veins.

You bit my lip and forced me to the floor. The colors en-laced in my skeleton begin to dull, and I see what you have done. For now, I am weak. For now, I long for you more than ever. Your very soul reverses the fading of my galaxy. I read your departing note and wept.

Screaming as to shatter the universe, I let every emotion I possess to rain down on this fallen society of a bitter tombstone. I shall crawl above ground from the gazing underworld and inhabit your every nightmare. The blazing fire feels like home, and I crave the emotion of lust forever more. Even in the hounds of hellish eternity, I still search for your rejuvenating potion. "Where, oh where must a fragment of my lover be?"

I accept my current life of torture, and wait for my next life. I cannot resist the rapture of your ravishing touch. I cannot escape the brutal emotion of seduction. The love this romantic stargazer projects enlightens my soul with such sensual shame. Your lips of pearl gaze unto my satin skin and I giggle. The emotions you bring to me taste so familiar; consuming the taste of savory melancholy that wraps my body like an enchanting snake. For Bloody Mary could not save us now; she rests in the intergalactic flames. Attacking the sunlight with moonlight, you take me with you.

As we unravel our ribbons and silk gowns, you excused yourself. You then reappear in an animalistic rampage. You behave in such scowling tragedy, so I took your hand. But it froze into mine and was possessed by lifeless whispers.

Bloody Mary screams in painful chaos, shattering the mirror. Beholding medieval daggers in each hand, clasped ever so tightly; she sluggishly releases them, throwing them into the chilling air, striking the bleeding ceiling. I wept, begging for mercy. You approached me closer and closer as the ceiling continues to crack.

Falling through the collapsing ceiling, I gasp. For I see that demons lay in the rubble. These demons; these fucking demons represent every nightmare I had in Earthly form. They have embodied hellish intergalactic creatures who rejuvenate by sheer torture as their daily thrill. They squealed in erotic laughter; preparing for disastrous romance. I begged for their reasoning.

"We are every ex-lover you have ever acquired, my precious, goddess."

Woman by woman, they prepared for their unforgettable shrike. Sharpening their fingernails of gouging blades, they licked their lips. Releasing their black, wavy hair of lovely star goddess. Their eyes trapped my gaze in an enchanting potion of torturous shelter. However, they were purely sent from Athena, herself. And I ravished every moment of the galaxy's enchanting haze. The bitter toxicity rushed through me, and I cherish every moment of this sacred stargazer's symphony. My undying wish is to be vanished into your glorious galaxy.

For we can haunt Beatrice's night terrors for eternity. "Lovely, oh how lovely this bedazzling potion must taste."

We gathered and sipped from the steaming cup, blessed by the gracious love of every shattered moon goddess. And I relish the very scent of this concoction with open arms of free-acquiring tragedy. Regret shall never bleed from my lips; compunction shall never stain my lips with the nightmarish shade of your lost love. I choose to engage in the loving motions with my intoxicating space lovers.

"Caress me, goddess. Caress me with your broad obsession of an intergalactic fantasy of seductive arrangements. Let me taste the adoration on your lips."

My body channels the amatory affection, and I display the mars-glazed surface of my skin to your loving hands. As we drift under the covers, we enter the eternity of sinister dreams. We prepare to slash Beatrice's slumbering head with terrorizing astrological depths of hell. Dazed by the vast torture we lead; I swivel under the love you have portrayed to me. I have fallen for the astrological women of the night. However, I commit to this lustful freedom.

"My lover, I shall take your hand."

As we enter the toxic atmosphere of my ex lover's mind, our loving motions progress, and we are preserved in a lovely haze. Adrift from Mars, we clasp one another's heart in our lunar-drained palms. And all wreckage unfolds as one another grabs Beatrice's wandering spirit and traps her in a hellish capsule of despair-driven karma. Broken shards of glass gouge her gorgeous face, and leaves marks of lovely poison that never is to parish.

She begins to cry bloody tears as the space demons and I begin to cackle in unity. The bottle then begins to fill with your tears of glistening maroon; and you beg for remorse. Your sapphire heart drifts into my soul, and I cry tears of everlasting joy.

"If I, the Venus goddess never possessed a single thought inside of your Earthly soul, then I declare you an eternal-dying imposter, doused in the aroma of a malicious lover. Burying every bit of heartache, you have caused me, and burying our perishing love in your very dwindling soul."

The devilish dolls and I numb the atmosphere with a decaying rose. The blood continues to fill the bottle you lay in. You grow traumatized, squealing, kicking, scratching. The insanity invades my brain and I grab the capsule from the gods and project slaughter unto it. The glass decapitated, and your Mercury-kissed body swims in surrounding pools of velvet crimson.

I tear the angelic wings from your porcelain shoulder blades; and sew burning needles into the gashes. In harmony, the malevolent goddesses and I release blood-spewing screams into the ever dulling atmosphere. The stars cut through the backdrop of black silk, and we leave you to stay. The portal of our beautiful galaxy opens and we grasp each other's trembling hands.

Into the dazzling nightshade, my lover and I return. We gasp at the bloodshed on our withering hands. We let out a psychotic shrill that would make your very skeleton shatter. Perhaps we had handcrafted a lunar eclipse of an instigating trauma; it just felt as if our very universe was fading.

For my lover and I buried the soul of my ex lover's smoldering ashes. If I could escape this propelling terror; believe me, my lover, I would. I just know that I can't fucking take this sidling emotion anymore, I must bury it once and for all. I could bury this horrid emotion with the ashes of my ex-lover.

"Esmeralda, darling, caress my galaxy-stained skin and devote your soul to the next eternity." – Her heart shattered upon mine and we began to disappear into this intergalactic hell. Vanishing under the satin sheets with you was worth every drop of an exalting perpetuity. The halo my ex-lover once wore is now decaying in the atmosphere of a decrepit galaxy. "Oh, how I miss my past love."

As I enter the portal of vast deception, I melt away with you in your very glistening vicinity. You paralyze every emotion, wandering through my lonesome head. And I realize that I must remove your heart next. Slicing through the skin, needle by needle, a flash of melancholy rushed through my veins; I thought you were a genuine lover.

"How could you fucking dissipate my heart with an unnerving smile. I would've loved you more if you would've just submerged my body with every tear I let stream. If you would've just drowned me in these unfaithful emotions; then perhaps I wouldn't have to decompose of your every being."

Your halo begins to rot into your gaping scalp, and you refuse to propose and lingering emotions of remorse. The asylum of your love has left me to parish beyond the stars. However, this very galaxy could never love me enough to rescue my soul with a comforting casket of romance.

"Perhaps we shall execute each other, darling."

Esmeralda grasped my hair and began to execute such peculiar behavior.

"Enough. This all shall cease. This mental slaughter you gals portray is beginning to force my locked emotions to suffocate. For you cannot see the bitter tragedy you have injected into my decaying flesh. So I beg of you to dispose of my soul.

Make my veins fade into the galaxy; and my soul shall lay dormant in the capsule of eternity. However, do not feel free to open the bottle and disperse of my soul ever so freely. Permanently laying in Zoella's arms for eternity would be just enough for an intergalactic stargazer like me."

"Zoella, my love, you must kill me. And do not bother retrieving my soul for your own foolish purposes. I have already served enough in this sharpening vague existence."

I pondered, I questioned, I swiveled past thought and daydream. So I made my plight and escaped under my freewill of doing so. I summoned the sacred star queen and she saved me from these toxic lovers.

Taking your angelic hand, I triumphantly gazed into your milky way-kissed eyes. You seemed to be a rescue of an angelic goddess of Mars.

"My love, you are a product of an ever so glistening crescent moon. Please, darling, take me to the planet of the stars so that I may cherish you with a hypnotic heart."

"You don't care. You don't possess a moment of empathy for my poor, weakening soul."

She returned to my presence ever so tranquil.

"Angel, you mustn't worry your pretty little soul of these false accusations. Follow me into the intergalactic haze, sink into my arms. Darling, you are my Aphrodite." -- Said the Sapphire Moon Queen.

We drift into the valley of broken hearts, clasping each other's hands of stone. Preparing to meet the destination that is soon to appear before me, I pick at my anxious finger tips with my nails of sequence. This room we entered. . . . This room we enter beheld such a bizarre aroma, that could be easily alluded to with a bloody serenade. A very striking scent... It sat with me so horrifically... A pungent perfume of tin and fresh burnt out candles.

"You always hurt the ones you love. Don't you realize that, Zoella? And it's okay to do so; only if you love her, of course."

Befuddled, I drew back towards the moon and inhaled the bitter scent that followed me. My skirt was saturated in a mahogany haze. The drippings reeked of blood, and I dug into my chilling skin with my unclasping nails. The pastel blood droplets leaked from the ceiling, conforming to a deep red pallet as it adjusts to my shattering skin.

My violet sandals, now stained with the blood of a perishing space princess. I tore my lips open with my teeth and froze in the very vicinity of my potential executioner. With a hatchet in her left hand and a dagger in her right, she approached so gleefully. Her nails extended as to act as a syringe to slash my skin.

"I've loved you for so long, my precious angel. Please, come with me. Darling, darling I've gendered at you for sooooo long. And lover, you must know that the crystal ball no longer encapsulates me anymore."

I screamed in the in the most blood-curdling tone.

"Bloody Mary. That's you! You were the one. The one who always wished to be my lover."

Behind the glass, behind the glass, she was no more.

"I shall submit to your love, Mary."

The syringes buried at my ribs begin to make a zig-zagging motion to my breaking spine. The blood begins to drip from my skeleton, and my very last view was of your galaxy-stained skin smoldering like the tongue of a decaying demon.

Lover, I am yours to keep.

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Sometimes a good show doesn't come down to the genre or the actors involved, it comes down to the fact that it is simply a GOOD show. If any of these things sound appealing to you, you should definitely watch.

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11 Reasons Why Getting A Cat Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Mental Health

Cats may mess up your puzzles but they'll always love you unconditionally — as long as you have some catnip, that is.

Scout Guarino

Alright, everyone, it's time to stop spreading the rumor that all cats are mean, aloof, and hate everyone. Like dogs, each cat has its own personality and tendencies. Some like a lot of attention, some like less — each person has to find the right cat for them. As for me, my cats Bienfu and Reptar have seen me at my worst, but they've also helped pull me out of it. They're a constant in my life and they give me the strength to get through the day in spite of my depression, and there's even scientific evidence to support it!

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I've been bleaching my hair since I was in seventh grade. Yes, you read that correctly, seventh grade. That's nearly 10 years of maintaining a very light shade of blonde that too-often brings about dryness and brittle strands.

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Chances are if you're here, you're probably interested in writing an open letter. Yay! We're excited to have you.

Of course, not all open letters are created equal. In fact, there's a recipe to writing one for Odyssey that'll get featured on one of our many verticals. When it comes to Swoon specifically (for those new around here, that's our dating and relationships vertical), we receive dozens of open letters each month, many of which are all very similar.

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With a new phone comes great responsibility: Do not break it! And the best way to do that is with a case. However, picking a case can be a challenge. No need to fret, I am here to help break down some of the best cases for the new iPhone SE 2020. Honestly, I think it's going to be impossible to choose!

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To some who have been out of the dating world for a while, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things after being single for some time. So, I asked 26 people what they think is important to know before looking for love again, here's what they had to say.

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