Cameron Boyce made his television debut when he appeared in a Panic! At the Disco music video, and from then on began to take on little roles and cameos here and there.

But despite being so young, the acting world began to grow fond of Boyce and his acting career began to blossom. His career really began to grow as he made appearances in bigger named movies and tv shows such as "Grown Ups," "Dancing with the Stars," and Disney's "Shake it Up" and "Good Luck Charlie."

Boyce was later cast in a main role in Disney's "Jessie" and stole the hearts of our generation.

What hits so differently about Boyce and the connection we feel with him is the fact he is one of the few actors that are actually our age.

When we were 12 years old, sitting around watching him on TV, he was also 12 and we could see that in his personality. We grew up alongside Boyce as we watched him in our favorite shows and even as he took on bigger roles such as his role in Disney's movie "The Descendants."

As a generation, we love to find people we can connect with and understand, and Boyce was one of those people. He was a kind human and had a radiant soul and showed that in every piece of work put out or even just paparazzi pictures of him.

Thinking about the fact that he is gone this soon is very heavy on the heart, and this is the time we all come together and remember to enjoy every single second of our lives.

Boyce was fighting a medical condition that caused his death, but that doesn't mean something like this couldn't happen to any of us tomorrow. Find happiness in every situation and tell your friends and family you love them.

Celebrate life and celebrate Cameron's life. We are never promised tomorrow.

Along with celebrating and remembering your own life, take some time to watch some episode with Cameron in them and celebrate all he did. The world lost an amazing human and actor all too soon but the name Cameron Boyce is one we promise we will never forget. Watch an episode of "Jessie," cry a little bit, and then go dance in the rain. I promise you won't regret it.

Rest in peace, Cameron (1999 – 2019)