The Dancer That Stole My Heart

She practices an art that is her own.

With grace and beauty her feet do glide and with pace and continuity her body does stride.

Yeah, she's a dancer, a prancer a body ravishing elixir.

And all I want is to lay down and kiss her.

Make no mistake and she'll treat you so sweet.

Even wrong her and she'll sweep you off your feet.

Her imperfections are perfected and the way she acts is blessed.

For all the guys out there looking for the one; I recommend a dancer she'll treat you like none.

Dancers aren't like other creatures that walk amongst the earth.

They're always trying to be perfect and always seeming to hurt.

The truth is dancers are vulnerable, more vulnerable than most.

They perform on a stage and tippy on their toes.

They reveal to the world what they're really diagnosed.

They share with you an experience that is warm and so complete.

I've never felt more comfortable than when staring at your feet.

Your feet make magic like bee's buzz buzz.

These dancers are perfect and always true.

These dancers are lonely just like you.

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