Cozy and Pie Filled Fall Bucketlist

Grab your pumpkin spiced latte, your favorite cardigan, and the yummiest fall-scented candle: Fall is finally here.

It's time for pie, cider, pumpkin patches, football, and lots of beautiful decorations.

So, get wrapped in your favorite blanket. Here is your Ultimate Fall Bucket List for 2018:

1. Go to an apple orchard. 

2. Bake a pie from scratch.

3. Take the day to decorate for the season. 

4. Watch football every Saturday and Sunday. 

5. Plan a shopping trip with friends and buy new fall pieces. 

6. Go to a pumpkin patch. 

7. Sit on your porch and sip coffee on a crisp morning. 

8. Go to fall festivals. 

9. Go on a scenic drive and take in the foliage. 

10. Rake leaves with siblings. 

11.  And then jump into them. 

12. Breath in the aroma of cool, fall air. 

13. Enjoy as many seasonal lattes as you can. 

14. Get dressed up in fall attire and have a photo shoot. 

15. Make a countdown chain for Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

16. Visit corn mazes and go on hay rides. 

17. Make homemade apple cider. 

18. Take the time attend a bonfire and share stories with friends or family. 

19. Decorate the front porch. 

20. Purchase sunflowers and create a beautiful centerpiece. 

21. Roast pumpkin seeds. 

22. Go scarf shopping. 

23. Wear your favorite hoodie all day. 

24. Donate to a food bank for people who need support during the holidays. 

25. Collect acorns and create DIY craft. 

26. Sleep in on a Sunday. 

27. Choose a "fall read."

28. Crunch the leaves as you walk. 

29. Wear your favorite sweaters. 

30. Snuggle and watch your favorite Netflix sitcom for hours. 

31. Stock up on fall-scented candles. 

32. Bake pumpkin bread. 

33. Host a holiday part for friends and family. 

34. Learn how to bake a hearty bowl of chili. 

35. Reflect on the year and list reasons your thankful. 

36. Carve a pumpkin. 

37. Make a Halloween costume. 

38. Re-watch Stranger Things I and II. 

39.  Host a paint night and include harvest colors. 

40. Invest in lots of cozy socks. 

41. Order pizza and watch a movie with friends. 

42. Go on a hike. 

43. Build a fort. 

44. Go to a museum on a rainy day. 

45. Attend a play. 

46. Buy cheap post-Halloween candy. 

47. Invest in a french press. 

48. Go through a haunted house. 

49. Use leaves to craft. 

50. Enjoy the season while its here. 

Fall is the greatest time of year. Check these 50 to-dos off your list this season!

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