The Confessions Of A Concert Addict
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The Confessions Of A Concert Addict

I just really love music, OK?

The Confessions Of A Concert Addict
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I blame Britney Spears. I was just a 4-year-old. It happened right after I saw her in concert, I couldn’t stop. I confess I became addicted -- addicted to the sound of live music. It was the adrenaline rush that came with dancing and singing for hours straight, the pure bliss of hearing your favorite song live, the warmth you feel as the whole concert slowly lights up with lighters and phone flashlights during emotional songs, but mostly the absolute awe of witnessing the raw talent a singer or a band member possesses. I’ve seen 28 different artists live, and some of them two or three times. I think it’s time that I finally confess everything. So let’s begin here: Hi. My name is Ashley McNulty and I am addicted to going to concerts.

Going to concerts is truly an experience. But that experience comes at a price, sometimes an expensive one. Whenever I’d get my paycheck from work the first thing I did would be to look for concerts around me. To be honest, I confess I did more research on concerts dates and ticket prices than I did for my school papers. To me buying concert tickets is not about having the closet or best seats, it’s about just being there to experience the music. I’m not one to spend hundreds of dollars on concert tickets, I just simply want to be there. I confess to have bought most of my tickets the day of the concert on my phone in class texting multiple friends to buy them with me.(Thanks friends for being reckless with me.) Usually after that I’d come home to my parents telling me that concerts on a school night were not a good idea and that I needed to be smarter with my money. (Aka stop wasting it on music.) But, what can I say mom and dad, I love spontaneity and music!

The music is what makes the concerts undeniably electric. Sure having background dancers, pyrotechnics, and background video is entertaining but I feel it takes away from the music. Hands down best concert I’ve ever seen was Hozier. He’s just a charming, very tall Irish man with an earth-shattering voice and magical guitar skills. The whole concert was simple, beautiful and overall left you questioning if a person could actually be that talented. Another confession: I’ve seen him three times in concert and I’ve meet him. Yes, I am one of those people who see the same person in concert and no it does not get boring or overrated. It might seem ridiculous but when something makes you feel that good, you want to be able to feel it again. Again, yes I am one of those fans who waits hours after concerts to meet the artist. I’ve done it a couple of times actually. Most of the time I only meet the insanely talented opening acts that converted me to being a fan, but whether it’s the opening act or the main act, it’s always worth it to share your appreciation for the music and see how much the artists really love what they do.

People who go to concerts are passion about the music they love. Going to one is the only time you are completely surrounded by that many people who share your passion for music. Whether you go with your friends, your family, or by yourself concerts connect us to one another. I confess I’ve been to a concert by myself. But when I went alone, I never felt lonely. How could I be when I was surrounded by people passionately screaming out the same lyrics I was? I’ve made friends in the moss pits of the Fall Out Boy Concert concert, I’ve belted out every word to Wrecking Ball while laughing with my friends, I’ve shamelessly danced with random people at MKTO, I’ve slung my arm over my best friend’s shoulder and swayed as we sang along to Sam Smith, and I’ve seen my mother turn into a teenage fan-girl while watching Rick Springfield perform: all of those moments were filled with so much love and happiness. You can just feel the authenticity and simplicity. Everyone was genuinely themselves, expressing who they are with their dancing, singing and love for music. I confess I’m at my happiest when I’m at concerts.

The confessions I’ve made in this article are ones that I’m happy to make. Sure my addiction is harmful to my bank account, sleep schedule, and phone storage but, I’m at least I’m not in denial about my concert addiction. There’s no one word that can encapsulate the greatness of concerts. Some people don’t understand and will never understand why concerts are so lovable: And that’s not a problem.. But, just don’t judge me for something that makes me happy. I just really love music, OK?

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