Look Out for Brett Kavanaugh

Look Out for Brett Kavanaugh And Know The Facts

The case against the newest Supreme Court nominee.


The Supreme Court, the Highest Court in the Land, the final say on all things Constitution, the potential future workplace of Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee. Kavanaugh first drew the spotlight for his involvement in the Ken Starr investigation into President Clinton. Kavanaugh later served as White House Staff Secretary under President Bush before being nominated to the Court of Appeals, though this nomination process took an extraordinary three years before he was finally confirmed to the DC Circuit court in 2006, where he has served ever since. This all brings us to today, where extremely rushed hearings have been underway in the Senate for two weeks discussing Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Though Kavanaugh is undeniably accomplished and qualified to serve, the process and reasoning of his nomination have been highly irregular and suspect. The process in the Senate has been accelerated so as to confirm Kavanaugh as quickly as possible; the Republicans would certainly prefer it happen before the midterm elections in November in case they lose seats. This has led to a hectic and controversial nomination wherein over 100,000 documents relating to Kavanaugh's time in the Bush White House are being withheld under the guise of "executive privilege." This means Donald Trump has chosen to hide these documents, most written by Kavanaugh, from the American public. What horrible things could be lurking in these documents that will never see the light of day? If Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) gets his way and successfully shoehorns this nomination, the public will never know what's being hidden.

The reasoning behind Trump's nomination of Kavanaugh is clear; Kavanaugh is of the belief that a sitting president cannot, by any means, be criminally indicted or subpoenaed, an especially useful belief for the current president who is facing both potential indictments and subpoenas. Additionally, Kavanaugh is an especially desirable judge for conservatives who wish to set back the clock on the last century of progress and especially see Roe v. Wade repealed.

So why should you, the average college student, care at all about this? After all, it's not like Supreme Court decisions actually affect people like us, right? Wrong. Incredibly important and consequential decisions are passed down from the Court every year, and they most certainly have direct repercussions on the lives of everyone. As young people, access to affordable and reliable birth control is vital, and prevention isn't always successful, thus Roe v. Wade is an extremely important precedent that is in danger of being reversed. Also on the conservative chopping block are issues such as same-sex marriage and voter ID laws. With Kavanaugh's confirmation, conservatives would have the votes on the Court they need to overturn same-sex marriage and upheld harsh voter ID laws crafted in states such as North Carolina, designed to suppress the vote of less advantaged people.

Brett Kavanaugh, accomplished lawyer and judge, the stooge of President Donald Trump. Handpicked by the conservatives to overturn crucial progressive decisions, Kavanaugh is nothing more than a shield for Trump who will do anything to avoid the consequences of his actions. We cannot afford to allow a political bodyguard, nominated with the sole intention of keeping Trump from being indicted, nominated by a president under investigation, whose legitimacy is extremely questionable, nominated to reverse the forward progress of this great country. This is an issue that needs to matter to you. Young people have the numbers, we have a voice, we can stand up and fight. We cannot ignore this; we can make a difference.

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Austin Alexander Burridge, Volunteer Advocate, Shares 3 Great Reasons to Volunteer and Help Others

Austin Alexander Burridge is an avid academic who studies Environmental Science at Winona State University and believes that work in the service of others is a key pillar to personal development.


Sometimes it's easy for someone to adopt a "me, me, me" attitude. While focusing on oneself, a person may feel nice in the moment, but serving and helping others will bring lasting benefits. While there are many great reasons to serve and help others, there are three universal truths that resonate with volunteers around the globe.

Austin Alexander Burridge's 3 Reasons to Volunteer:

1. Accomplishment

Often, people fall into a trap of focusing on themselves when they are feeling down. Maybe someone did not get a job they wanted. Or perhaps a person gets dumped by an expected lifelong companion. Maybe someone feels they have underachieved after looking at Facebook and seeing great things a high school classmate has accomplished. When feeling down, helping others is a proven way to improve one's mood and attitude, and it can provide a sense of pride and accomplishment. The act of giving to those in need is an inherently good action and leaves people with a wonderful feeling of joy.

2. Gratitude

One can become more appreciative of life by serving others that have less. Whether volunteering at a soup kitchen, visiting the elderly at an assisted living center, or helping families after a natural disaster, service enables people to be grateful for what they have. Seeing people who have fewer advantages, especially those who are spirited and thankful for small things, allows one to realize just how fortunate he/she is in life.

3. Friendships

Volunteering is a great way to build meaningful friendships, not only with other volunteers but also with those who are served. One of the most profound and fascinating aspects of these relationships is how volunteers will learn from those served and vice versa. As these special bonds are built, they lead to impactful connections that last for years to come.

Of course, these are just a few reasons to volunteer and serve others. One can never go wrong by helping others as opposed to merely focusing on oneself. Volunteering invariably and inevitably contributes to personal growth, development, and satisfaction.

About Austin Alexander Burridge: Helping others has been of paramount importance to Austin, and as a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Austin gave back to the community around him. He also has participated in annual peanut butter drives, The Minnesota Sandwich Project for the Homeless and collected canned goods for local food shelters. Additionally, Austin has a passion for the environment, which he pursued when visiting the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and the Amazon Rain Forest while studying at the School of Environment Studies, which investigates ecological systems and their sustainability

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Big Slick KC: The Importance Behind Celebrities Coming Together in Kansas City

This annual event is one of my favorite things to attend, and it's the 10th year, so it deserves recognition.


Every year since 2010, Big Slick KC has been a huge event held in Kansas City, Missouri, where celebrities from our favorite shows and movies come together for one weekend to raise money for Children's Mercy Hospital.

The hosts of Big Slick are none other than Paul Rudd, Eric Stonestreet, Jason Sudeikis, Rob Riggle, and David Koechner. Every year, they invite around 40 celebrities to participate in the weekend's events.

This year had some big names like Selena Gomez, Olivia Wilde, Zachary Levi, Haley Joel Osment, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, and many more. Each year they try to bring in new people, while also having some Big Slick veterans return.

The busy and wonderful weekend starts out with the celebrities all coming in and visiting the children at Children's Mercy Hospital, spending time with them and taking pictures. I think it's amazing how they take the time to actually get to know some of the kids that they are raising the money for.

After that, the celebrities head to Kauffman Stadium, break up into two teams, and face-off in a not-so-serious softball game before the Royals game. Each celebrity gets their own signature Royals jersey and they play a few innings. They also come out again and sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" for the seventh-inning stretch.

The next morning, the celebrities all make their way to the Pinstripes bowling alley in Overland Park, where they are greeted by hundreds of awaiting fans.

After the children of Children's Mercy are introduced and walk along the red carpet with their parents, the celebrities follow, taking pictures and signing autographs along the way. They head inside and bowl with the children from the hospital.

That night, the celebrities all come together one last time to host a huge party, this year it was at the Sprint Center, where they all just perform and have a good time. They also host an auction where some pretty cool items and opportunities are auctioned off.

Besides just being a fun event to attend and a good way to see some of your favorite celebrities up close, Big Slick is just so important because of its cause.

This year, Big Slick KC raised around $2.5 million for Children's Mercy Hospital. That brings the total to over $10 million that Big Slick has raised since 2010.

This amazing weekend is always so much fun, not just because some big stars come to a fly over state, but because of the children that they are raising the money for. The hosts and the celebrities that attend all care so much about the cause, and they make a great weekend out of it for anyone who attends.

I'm already looking forward to next year's exciting weekend.

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