All The Best Lyrics From Lil Wayne's 'The Carter V'
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19 Lyrics From 'The Carter V' That Prove Lil Wayne Is A Big League Genius

Lil Wayne is back with an album filled with philosophy, imagery and clever puns.

19 Lyrics From 'The Carter V' That Prove Lil Wayne Is A Big League Genius

After a long and grueling legal battle, Lil Wayne settled a lawsuit with Cash Money Records and finally got to release his highly anticipated album "The Carter V." A few minutes after midnight on September 27, the rapper dropped his album and stand went wild. The album is already dominating the music charts. Lil Wayne is famous for his rapping about philosophy and amazing literary elements he incorporates within his lyrics, and this album doesn't disappoint.

Here are a few lyrics from "The Carter V" that emphasizes Wayne's lyrical genius.

1. "Staring into the clouds, am I rising or they coming down?" - Don't Cry ft Xxxtentacion

These are the first real lyrics of the album and our wigs are already snatched. Wayne already has us thinking. Don't @ me but Lil Wayne is the greatest philosopher of our generation.

2. "I'm not number one it's true, I'm number 9-27-82" - Don't Cry ft Xxxtentacion

Here, Wayne is not identifying as being the "number one" rapper, he's using his birthdate, 9-27-82 as identification. WHO THINKS OF STUFF LIKE THIS?!?

3. "Cause like Bart, you a simp" - Dedicate

Lil Wayne is using a play on words using Bart Simpsons surname to call someone (possible Young Thug) a simp, someone who lets women walk all over them.

4. "Rough edges like a box of checkers fries that's a line" - Let it Fly ft. Travis Scott

Loving the imagery, Wayne!

5. "When money went from army green to navy blue" - Can't Be Broken

Here, Wayne is referencing the color of dollar bills in the United States. The lesser bills like $1 bills are green while the $100 dollar bills are now navy blue. BOOM!

6. "We out of this world baby, we've been evicted" - Dark Side of the Moon ft. Nicki Manaj

Still shook with these puns, Wayne!

7. "I hope you alone like bankruptcy" - Mona Lisa ft. Kendrick Lamar 

Wayne plays on the homophones of alone and a loan. True art right there.

8. "Tried to blow my nose and blew my mind" - Famous ft. Reginae Carter

Our minds are blown too, Wayne, trust me.

9. "Better Get up and stand up like Bob Marley" - Problems 

Shout out to Bob Marley. Gone too soon.

10. "Weezy, where you been? The people miss you! ... Crickets" - Hittas

This is definitley taking shots at Cash Money records. He uses the phrase "Crickets" to state his silence after the question was asked presumably because he's upset about the whole label situation. But the fact that he actually said 'crickets' instead of using the sound that crickets make... GENIUS STATUS.

11. "I'm on a diet, on a diet from the fake beef, 'cause in my eyes all that I see is dead meat" - Took His Time 

When other rappers have beef, they make songs about it. When Lil Wayne has beef, he makes songs about it, as well as makes beef puns. What have we done to be blessed with such a talented rapper?

12. "I only smoke on gas no brakes" - Open Safe

Wayne's obviously talking about marijuana when he refers to gas but then he says no brakes... like gas and brakes on a car!!! BOOM, mind blown.

13. "Met the devil came back feeling frio, gang banging, tatted up like Latinos, and since I'm on my Spanish s*** it's Carter cinco." - Start This S*** Off Right 

The album is called "The Carter V" (Five) but since he was spitting bars about the Spanish, it's "Carter Cinco." I say again... genius.

14. "Then that silence is awkward, like am I deaf or alone" - Perfect Strangers

Again... Lil Wayne is the greatest philosopher of our generation.

15. "Your blood all over the scene, it look like red cheap wine" - Used 2

Still loving the imagery!

16. "There was beef, I'm in the kitchen with the apron on" - Used 2

Back at it again with the beef puns!

16. "Had to swallow my pride I swear it tastes like spearmint" - Let it all work out

Wayne's playing on the phrase "swallow my pride." How does he think of stuff like this?

18. "They want a piece of me, I ain't the one that's serving slices" - Let it all work out 


19. "Beat odds, never beat women" - Let it all work out

Say it louder for the people in the back!

Maybe it is just because I used to be a creative writing minor but I really enjoy when rappers think intellectually when they're composing their songs. It shows that they really put thought into their work.

Lil Wayne's "The Carter V" is available for purchase and on streaming devices.

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