The Bones Brigade: Skate or Die
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The Bones Brigade: Skate or Die

The Bones Brigade: Skate or Die

Who are the Bones Brigade?

Well, let's first start off with Stacy Peralta, a professional skateboarder, director, and surfer who funded a skateboard company under the name of Powell-Peralta with manufacturer George Powell. Additionally, Stacy was widely known in the skateboard industry as a member of The Z-Boys, a group of skaters in the mid-1970s from Santa Monica who invented the aerial and sliding foundation tricks we know today. With the money coming in from the Powell Company, Stacy wanted to form another skateboard team with the best riders in the early 80s. The sponsored team that he carefully selected revolutionized and paved the way for skaters all over the world. It was the moment when skateboarding became skateboarding.

The Bones Brigade Squad

Six young teenagers considered outcasts by many came together with the help of Stacy Peralta to create a skateboarding team. These individuals included Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, and Tommy Guerero. These guys were all about perfection and their skateboarding really reflected that. Their style and the way they pushed themselves in every competition was really gratifying. Most importantly they had a huge passion for what they were doing. Pushing their limits, learning from each other, and overall just having fun together. These guys were the epitome of greatness in the 80s and their impact can be still be felt to this day.

Tony Hawk A.K.A "The Bird Man"

Back in his younger days he was considered a world champ in vert skating. Going head to head with the likes of Christian Hosoi. He didn't have a surf style, awkwardly tall, scrawny built, and very young. Many skaters from the 80s disliked Tony Hawk because they felt he was robotic and some even spat in his face. So one of his major rivals was Christian Hosoi who at the time was exotic and treated as a rock star. As a result, a ton of hate was directed to Hawk and even he was pondering the idea of quitting. Fortunately, he didn't quit and became one of the most dominant skaters in the history. The Bones Brigade really influenced Tony and helped him become the man he is today. Winning competition wasn't always fun and this time of his life was very influential for him.

Rodney Mullen -The Godfather of Street Skating"

Rodney Mullen was an absolute perfectionist. He knew the order, every single detail, and trick he was going to do before even doing it in every single competition. He was extraordinary and he would practice for countless hours learning new tricks in the process. All the tricks that kids do these days are because he was the one who spent time creating them. Kickflips or Ollies this guy was the madman inventor. Considered, by many the godfather of street style skating.

Steve Caballero

Although he was born with scoliosis, he turned pro at a very young age and won many skate competitions. He is famous for inventing the Caballerial and inventing the frontside boardslide. Many skaters know him for his cab shoes and for his involvement in The Faction band. He's a very down to earth kind of guy who is a true legend and is seen in many of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Video Games. Watch for yourself.

Lance Mountain

One of the most prominent skaters from the 80s. A true artist at his core, he continues to skate and is sponsored by Nike SB and Flip. He also invented the Sadplant which is a backside invert with a fully extended front leg.

Mike McGill

The inventor of the McTwist, an inverted 540 degree mute grab aerial. The trick was groundbreaking when it was first executed and continues to be performed in the 21st century. You must see the footage!! This skater was hands down a true avant-garde and his involvement in the team influenced everyone. The McTwist became essential to winning vert contests in the mid 80s.

Tommy Guerrero

He was well known for his relaxed style of street skateboarding and his Bones Brigade footage was primarily filmed in his hometown of San Francisco. He was bombing hills in San Francisco and very creative artistically, musically, and with his skateboard. He is one of the most respected skaters of all time. He took the flatland ollie pioneered by Rodney Mullen and extended it by ollieing over the obstacles that line its hilly streets, as he carved three-dimensional lines down the streets of San Francisco.

Overall Thoughts

These group of rad skaters changed the industry and established the foundation to what we know today. Stacy Peralta should also be credited with his vision and his video segments that spotlighted these young professionals. I suggest you watch the autobiography of The Bones Brigade and some of my personal favorites movies from them. I hope this small biography of The Bones Brigade influences you to go out and skate. These guys found their sanctuary in skating and I truly admire them for pursuing their passion. Skateboarding was their voice. It's was their way of self-expression and truly a way of life.

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