The Best Game Ever Is Being Redone
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The Best Game Ever Is Being Redone

A group of fans is giving KoTOR all of their love and time.

The Best Game Ever Is Being Redone

In a small corner of the universe, specifically Atlanta, Georgia, there is a team diligently working to remaster one of the greatest games of all time: " Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic."

Maybe I am biased, but IGN thought it to be the best game of the year, and I have to agree. The story line was beautiful, the graphics were great (for the time), and the worlds were rich. Even if this is not the best game ever made, it is most certainly the best "Star Wars" game ever made.

With many games being remastered for newer consoles, I was dismayed to know that neither Bioware or Obsidian were seeking to remake the games. More than likely, they no longer have the rights to do so, considering EA is now the company that is to make "Star Wars" games now that LucasArts is no more.

Thanks, Kathleen and Disney.

There were rumors that BioWare wished to redo one of their most popular games, but it just a rumor. But, with a quick Google search I discovered that a group known as Poem Studios, with the help of fans, is remastering KoTOR. Not only are the graphics getting a overhaul in the Unreal Engine 4, but new characters, missions, and worlds are being added.

This project is called Apeiron and is not yet finished, but it looks amazing. This is a video from March.

This is major upgrade to the previous graphics. Just look at the picture of Anchorhead (Tatooine) below. The difference is astounding. As the You-tuber in the video says, the world appears more alien and more updated.

Every world will be spectacular to see. Korriban, with it's statues and tombs, is high on my list considering it was my favorite planet and mission to play. With the Sith Academy and the Valley of the Dark Lords, it has the potential to be a show stopper. However, Kashyyyk (home of the Wookies) will be very interesting to see as well.

In fact, every planet could be visually stunning. I am looking forward to seeing the updated Firaxa though.

Now, you may be asking yourself if this is legal. Considering the tight reign that Disney has on their properties, it would be logical to wonder if this project will ever see the light of day. The answer is yes, the project is legal as long as no money is charged for the mod, which means you would have to own the original game to play it.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the mod on the Xbox, which is my preferred console, but the computer is free reign.

The website doesn't offer much in the way of information, outside of the basics, but they offer enough information to keep yourself informed. I know I will be keeping my eye on this project until its completion.

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