The Best Chocolate Shop In Dahlonega, GA
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The Best Chocolate Shop In Dahlonega, GA

A trip to Dahlonega, GA is never complete without a trip to Paul Thomas Chocolates.

The Best Chocolate Shop In Dahlonega, GA

A trip to Dahlonega, Georgia is not complete without visiting Paul Thomas Chocolates. From the delicious assortment of truffles to the house-made fudge, this store is a chocolate lover’s dream. This chocolate shop is hands-down the best chocolate shop in all of Georgia.

The truffles made by Paul Thomas Chocolates are the best that there is. They offer: Dark Swiss, French, Irish Crème, Merlot Berry Blend, Cherry Cheesecake, Key Lime, Raspberry, Coffee, Champagne, Cookie Dough, Lavender, and many more! My personal favorites are the Dark Swiss, Raspberry, Coffee, Champagne, Merlot and Cookie Dough. When visiting the shop, you can pick out and make your own varieties of truffles, or you can pick up one of their pre-packaged assorted truffle boxes made right there in the store. Either way, you will not be disappointed by the selection available everyday. Paul Thomas also pairs their truffles with wine, and sells the two together for those who love wine and chocolate pairings.

Not only does Paul Thomas Chocolates offer divine truffles, but the shop is known for their specialty items: Chocolate Roses, Dahlonega Gold Bars, O.M.G. Smores, Candy Apples, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Chocolate Covered Bacon. The chocolate shop makes their own marshmallows in-house that are to die for. Both the O.M.G. Smores and the Chocolate Covered Marshmallows (milk and dark chocolate) sold here are delectable. They are absolutely addicting; it is hard to buy just one.

The Chocolate Covered Bacon is a very famous item. People come from all around Georgia, the country, and even the world, to try Paul Thomas Chocolates’ Chocolate Covered Bacon. They offer bacon dipped in dark and milk chocolate and then sprinkled with salt. You cannot go wrong with either option. Paul Thomas Chocolates is also well known for their Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Again, you cannot buy just one. They are perfectly juicy, sweet and savory all at the same time. It truly is heaven in your mouth.

Paul Thomas Chocolates is a one-of-a-kind, fantastic chocolate shop, but it doubles as a year-round Christmas shop. They sell adorable tree ornaments and decorations for all around the house. When visiting, it is likely you’ll find a great Christmas gift, or decoration, to go along with your chocolate purchase! I also have to brag on the excellent staff at Paul Thomas Chocolates. You are always greeted with a smile and helped quickly, correctly, and efficiently. The owners, Paul and Lori Hoffman, have been in the chocolate business since 1975 and they, and their employees, give each and every customer the best experience and chocolate around. Your time and money is extremely well spent at Paul Thomas Chocolates.

Next time you are in Dahlonega, you can absolutely never go wrong when visiting Paul Thomas Chocolate Shop. There are so many other delicious chocolate and non-chocolate items sold by Paul Thomas Chocolates that I did not get to mention in this article. You simply must go in and try them all!

Check out their website for more:

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