The Best Advice From Social Media

Social media is becoming more influential as a “news outlet” but it is also about to become a certified therapist. (Please seek professional help if you need it, though.) Here are seven of the best pieces of advice I’ve seen on social media.

7. “Be so caught up in your own life that you don’t have time to judge others for theirs.”

(An excerpt from a Twitter.)

6. This one was just cute.

(Found on Google)


Remember how in "Elf," belief powered a whole sled and made children everywhere happy? That could be you if you believed in yourself. Except instead of making billions of humans happy through Santa, you can start with yourself--because you aren't Santa Claus. Just an FYI. You don't have to do his job.


4. Keep on movin’. You, my friend, are awesome.


3. This next piece of advice resonates with many people, but it is hard to grasp. I struggle with it every day.

A workplace is different from other environments, because you should at least somewhat care about what people think of your work and how capable you are of doing it. But, in life, it can be so hard to not care about what people think, even when you have the rest of the world to contend with. This applies to all types of relationships; romantic, friendly, familial, etc. Just realize that your time is valuable and your worth is not changed by what other people think of you.


2. It’s okay to not play it cool all the time. Love what you like, even if others don’t.


1. Love is such a complicated thing, but this kid nails it.


One last thing!

I would like to share some more with you! I also love to give advice just like old Dr. Social Media. If you ever need some encouraging life advice, a question answered from an outsider perspective, or want to know how to cook frozen dumplings, feel free to ask me through the following link! It’s completely anonymous, so ask anything! I’m going to answer your questions in a future article.

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