There are so many reasons that I'm glad I can sew. Not just put a needle and thread through fabric, but actually make clothes and make alterations and repairs. I'm not a professional, but I'm improving. Here are a few of the times my life was better because I can sew.

1. That time I found the cutest green polka dot dress at Forever 21 with a busted seam, bought it at a discount, and repaired it at home. I've been wearing it for almost a decade.

2. That time we had to make puppets for a class project and I made this rad snow queen that can move her mouth and arms. See also the cutest penguin ever...


3. That time I made some gifts my friends had asked for: a penguin pillow pet and this adorable elephant accent pillow. Clearly, I had to take a road trip to bring these bundles of fluff to their new homes.

4. That time I needed to add bra cups to this great backless dress I wore to the Christmas party. RIP my electric blue Samsung Intensity.

5. That time I made a little mermaid backpack out of clearance fabric from Walmart so I could carry around all my necessary mermaid related items. Like the movie Splash, or a swimsuit, or waterproof mascara.

6. That time I finished a functional, one of a kind, mermaid tail (that I've wanted for years! Do you know how expensive those are now? I needed my smelling salts after seeing the current cost of them). So I made one myself! It's not exactly oscar-winning special effects quality, but it swims!

I even wore it to hand out candy on Halloween!

Then there are the countless times I've repaired things for myself or others. Whether it's sewing a button back where it belongs, repairing a dog toy that was torn apart, or altering a garment to fit better. At this point, I just carry a sewing kit in my purse in case of sewing emergencies. Once, after a house party, I used my sewing kit to fix my friend's sweater where a seam had ripped. Sewing has helped me save money, help my friends and family, and given me possibly my favorite creative pastime. I get a lot out of designing new patterns to attempt. And fail. And start again.

To experience the benefits of sewing for yourself, start with a needle and thread. Take a closer look at your clothes, your fabric household items, your kid's and pet's toys, and other things you use every day. Learn how things are constructed so you can duplicate or repair them. Hey, it can even be a survival skill. Happy sewing!