I have written a few articles on journaling and for anyone that knows me, it is no surprise that I would write another! I journal all the time, for several different reasons.

1. Sparks Creativity

I don't know what it is, perhaps the concept of having a blank page and complete freedom to do whatever I wish, but journaling is the one thing I can always do to spark creativity. From doodling to writing poetry, the possibilities are legitimately infinite!

2. Mind -Dump

Being a young-adult and trying to come up with a plan for the rest of my life, balance school and sports, and just live life, my brain can get cluttered with worries and generally random thoughts. I used to just push thoughts of worry to the back of my mind, but inevitably they would resurface. Then, one day I wrote them down and I felt instantly at ease. There is something about getting all of my thoughts out onto paper that is calming, like they are officially out of the cage that is my mind.

3. It Doesn't Have a Screen

Our generation is so consumed with technology, which isn't always a bad thing, however I think it is important to give your eyes and mind a break from looking at laptops and smart phones. Journaling is the perfect activity to do when you're bored or stressed for the reasons I explained above, but also it is a great alternative to wasting away hours on an electronic device. Journaling allows you to physically write and create in a way that texting never will.

So go out and buy a cheap notebook, and get journaling my friends! :)