The Beauty Of Cook Out

The Beauty Of Cook Out

I hear those hush puppies calling my name.

Cook Out is a renowned establishment all throughout the South, and it's probably one of the greatest fast food joints to ever be created. Coming to school in the South has opened my eyes to this wonderful place, and I wish everyone would have the opportunity to taste the delicious food they have. Fortunately, Cook Out has been working on expanding their locations across eight states. Starting in North Carolina, Cook Out is now in South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky.

1. The Milkshakes

There are over 40 milkshake varieties, so you basically can't go without finding something you want. My great grandmother used to crave the chocolate milkshake and would have it as her dinner. They have so many options and depending on the time of the year, they have amazing specialty milkshakes as well. The Butter-Finger Shake is phenomenal, 10/10 would recommend.

2. Cook Out Trays

Cook Out trays are the perfect combination of beauty and grace. Whether you're crying because finals are harshing your mellow, or you have a DD to drive you there on a Saturday night, a Cook Out tray is the cure all. They're inexpensive and good for the soul.

3. Hush puppies

Cook Out's hush puppies are amazing. Their signature deep fried cornbread bits are so delicious and way too hard to pass up.

4. Corn Dogs

Hands down my favorite option on the menu. Their corn dogs are breaded and deep fried to perfection, and it's only 0.99 cents. Can you really go wrong? The answer is no.

5. Bacon Wrap

These are a real weakness to many. A bacon wrap is literally a flour tortilla with bacon and lettuce. Cook Out somehow made this random concoction a huge success, and this food steals the heart of many that frequent the drive thru.

Cook Out is a huge hit for all of us attending school in the south. It's always sad craving Cook Out when you're home and can't drive those 3.3 miles to get yourself a Cook Out tray. This fast food joint is easily one of the best parts about going to school in North Carolina, and it is going to be greatly missed during the summer.

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10 Things You Do Not Do At A Fast Food Drive-Thru

Hi Welcome to Taco Bell How can I help you?

1.Don’t yell into the mic.

We have headsets for a reason. The volume can go up and down.

2.If you order more than $30 worth of food please just walk in.

We have other customers who order only 1 or 2 items yet they have to wait for you to get your $45 order.

3.Understand that the order taker may have multiple things going on.

If they ask you to repeat your order, don’t get sassy.

4.Don’t treat us like we are stupid.

Most of us graduated high school and about 30% of us are in or graduated college.

5.When you pull up to order please don’t roll up with music blasting.

It just is unnecessary and makes you seem like an ass.

6.Don’t litter!

I see you when you throw your straw wrappers in the drive thru. After you leave I am the one who has to go out and pick it up.

7. Don't sit at the window checking your order.

If you want to check your order please pull up to the side so the next customer can be helped.

8. Please don't talk on the phone while ordering

If you are on the phone while ordering nicely ask the person you are talking to to hold on while you order

9.Order for your young kids.

I love kids but please don’t let them order.

10.Don’t be rude.

Please and thank you go a long way.

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How To Choose And Buy Cookware for Your Home

How To Choose And Buy Cookware for Your Home

One of the most important factors that is often overlooked or is considered minor in selecting a new cookware is the material it is made of. If you are a serious cook, you certainly need more than your desires to lead you toward the proper equipment for your cooking needs. In fact, understanding the differences between cookware materials will help you in making the finest choice and further on, will allow you to enjoy and preserve your cookware in good shape.

The amount of care required should also be taken into consideration when selecting a cookware. Bear in mind that different cookware types involve different care and maintenance. There are pans that are safe to put in the dishwasher, while other pans can be damaged by dishwasher liquid. Some cookware can simply be wiped out after cooking while other types require soaking. If your cookware can tarnish over time then it obviously requires extra care compared to other types.

Stainless cookware is the most common but also the most friendly when it comes to price and qualities. It is popular for its good tensile strength, outstanding resistance to corrosion and non-reaction with alkaline and acidic materials like tomatoes and wine. Stainless steel pans make excellent sauces after sauteing the food. The only disadvantage is that stainless steel does not conduct heat well. It requires a solid aluminum or copper center to make it more responsive to heat. If you want your food to cook correctly, you need to get a high-quality heavy gauge stainless steel with aluminum sandwiched in-between. Stainless steel cookware is easy and simple to clean. You can wash it in a dishwasher and scrape with nylon pads.

Non-stick cookware is most preferred when cooking and reheating sticky kinds of food. It has a coated surface which means less oil, fat or butter used. Foods don't stick to the surface of a non-stick cookware. Some cooks like non-stick pans for its easy cleaning, although care must be given while washing a non-stick cookware. To make sure not to scratch the surface, use only wooden or coated utensils like plastic when cooking, and wash in hot soapy water but not in a dishwasher.

Cast iron is probably the most inexpensive cookware. It provides a non-toxic cooking surface that heats evenly and quickly. Once heated, a cast iron cookware maintains the heat for a long time and is ideal for slow cooking and deep-frying. The downside is that cast iron cookware can rust, stain and rough when exposed to air, moisture and certain foods. Do not wash your cast-iron with soap and water. Wipe it with a clean paper towel instead. To put off rust, eliminate any excess moisture from the surface and coat it with oil before storing.

Aluminum cookware is another material that makes up more than half of the cookware today. Aside from its being cheap, aluminum is a good conductor of heat and is used commonly with non-stick pots and pans. The obvious disadvantage is its reaction to acidic and alkaline foods leading to corrosion that spoils the taste of the food cooked. It is why aluminum cookware is frequently coated with stainless steel or anodized coating to save food. Aluminum does not require any particular care. Washing it in soapy water is sufficient. However, if the surface has anodized coating, be careful not to scratch the finish and avoid washing the cookware in a dishwasher.

Lined copper cookware is an expensive material but a good choice for many cooking methods. Copper has the ability to conduct heat uniformly and cooks food more evenly making it taste better. Copper cookware cools down quickly when removed from heat. The disadvantage is that copper interacts with everything it comes in contact with. Moisture in the air causes it to form a poisonous film on it. Salty food causes a chemical reaction that produces a metallic taste in food. This is the reason why copper cookware is lined with tin, silver or stainless steel to improve its qualities. Copper cookware is delicate that requires subtle washing with soapy water and regular polishing with special copper polish to maintain its clear copper shine. are you still unable to choose the best cookware for your home? Check out on The Juzz and get the best product for your home!


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