The Beautiful, Horrific, Indescribable Power Of Words
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The Beautiful, Horrific, Indescribable Power Of Words

Words have the power to create or destroy. Which will you choose?

The Beautiful, Horrific, Indescribable Power Of Words

A wise man once said, "Words have the power to create and destroy." The ebb and flow of words is one of the most beautiful art forms humanity has created, because anyone can create a picture from the words they speak. Languages differ all across the planet, but in my opinion, these are the greatest commonalities that arise from the use of grammar.

1. Words can foster a sense of life

"Thinking about you."

"You are so wonderful."

"I'm so proud of you."

Have you ever felt down in the dumps or not enthused about anything except napping for two hours and then, maybe getting up from your bed to crash on the couch and watch Netflix? Yeah, it happens to all of us, trust me. But then, you get a text message from your friend or mom, and they tell you exactly what you needed to hear. In just a small text, life and happiness can be found.

2. Words can tear someone or something apart

"She's a (fill in the blank.)"

"Wow, you don't know anything, do you?"

"I hate you."

The tongue and mouth are powerful weapons that can burn like fire and create tears that roll down people's faces. Most of the time, people may say things sarcastically or "jokingly", they want to look "cool" in a group, or they want to make themselves feel more powerful and important. I'm here to tell you that these words last longer than the few seconds it took for them to be said. People feel the sting of words for hours, weeks, years, maybe even an entire lifetime.

3. Words can be selfish

"I don't think I'm good enough."

"Oh, this old thing? I've had it since high school."

"This doesn't look good on me. What do you think?"

One thing I catch myself doing sometimes is fishing for compliments or saying words to break an awkward silence. But really, what does selfish talking do? It is shallow, it makes others feel awkward, and in the end, you are trying to get an extra self-esteem boost by using others. Honestly, we do this sometimes without consciously realizing it, but no one wants to be around someone who is constantly wanting others to compliment them.

4. Words can make a difference

"It is going to be OK, I promise."

"I'm here for you."

"You are enough."

There have been multiple times in my life (more than I can count), that my day turned around because of the words someone had spoken. This is my favorite way words can be used, because they can turn the ashes of someone's life into something beautiful. A simple phrase can have unimaginable depth and power in someone's life, and they may remember those words from you for the rest of their life.

How will you use your words today? Will you be the illuminating light in someone's life? Or will you suck the air out of the room to puff yourself up? How you use your words will not only affect others but affect you as well, so be careful and use this amazing gift to breathe life into someone this week.

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29

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