the beautiful barefoot boy

the beautiful barefoot boy

The goal isn't to live forever, but to create something that will.


This morning, I did the same thing I do every single morning when I wake up. Before my feet hit the floor, I say a prayer. I thank God for waking me up, blessing me with such a good life, and pray for any specific thing that is laying on my heart. Lately, I have been praying a lot for the same person many people in my community have been praying for- Matt McGregor. I have prayed for healing, comfort, strength, and many other things to happen in Matt's journey, but I also prayed that God's will be done in his life above all else. Little did I know yet that His will had been done.

I remember Matt from school. Every time I saw him, everyone around him was laughing. And I am not exaggerating. He was one of those special people who can literally make anyone and everyone laugh no matter the situation. He was one of those people that the world needs around to make life more bearable and just down right better.

Death sucks. Cancer sucks. Yes, I am glad that Matt is no longer suffering, but that does not really give me a sense of relief because I know his family and friends are suffering. I think about Matt's sisters, and cannot fathom the pain that they're feeling. I could not imagine life without my brothers, my kids not getting to grow up and hang out with their cool uncles, and telling on each other to our parents when we all come home for Christmas when we're 40. I think about his parents, who are having to do the hardest thing anyone could have to do, say goodbye to their son. I think about his friends, who's lives will never be the same every time they do something that reminds them that he's no longer here to share life with. He was too young, too full of life. The worst death are the ones that can't be explained, and this one of them.

That's the thing about life, you never know when it's going to end and that is what makes it so fragile. Someone you know passes away, and you suddenly start to contemplate whether you are living your life "good" enough. You wish you'd spent more time with the one who passed, hold on a little tighter to the ones who are still here, and make sure you remind them you love them. But to show someone you love them is much more powerful than telling them, and that is exactly how Matt lived his life. His life light was beaming all the time and he was constantly sharing that with everyone around him. That is part of why he was so special.

When someone dies, they leave their own legacy that is different from every single other person on the planet. Your legacy depends on the amount of light that you have shed on others. Looking through Facebook today, it is so obvious that his light touched so many people. Matt's death has reminded me of those that I have and will continue to lose throughout life... there is no better way to say it than death sucks. But even though death sucks, it reminds us to live our life to the fullest, and continue the legacy of those we've lost.

On a side note, I found it interesting that Matt was barefoot all the time, so I googled being barefoot in biblical times. Moses and Joshua was commanded to take off his shoes as he was standing on holy ground, and poor people did not have shoes so they went barefoot. But this is my favorite: priests in Israel went barefoot while ministering. They would take their shoes off before blessing their people. It is evident that Matt blessed so many people's lives in his short time on this Earth. Coincidence that he was known for always being barefoot? I think not.

Let your life light shine brightly like Matt's, and always live life to the fullest.

. . .

In loving memory of Matt McGregor Jr.

Then I heard a voice from heaven say, "Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on." "Yes," says the Spirit, "they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them." Revelation 14:13

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What To Do When It Rains During Summer

Summer is the perfect time to soak up the sun, but what do we do what it goes away?


For the past week in lovely Pennsylvania, I have been unable to escape the dreary, rainy weather. I always get super bummed when it rains all week during prime pool time, but it can honestly be unavoidable. Since I have been stuck inside virtually all week, I have discovered some things you can do when it is gross outside during the summer that can still be fun!

1. Go to a local diner. 


When it's raining, one of the perfect things to do is to go out to a local diner and get some food. One of my favorite diners in my area has a 1950's theme which makes going there even more fun. Diners are the perfect location for dreary, rainy days. In all the movies and television shows, you see characters sitting in dinners with raindrops all over the windows, so it is totally on brand for the situation. In addition, cute, neon, themed diners are great photoshoot locations, so you can make awesome Instagram content while passing time on a rainy day.

2. Binge watch some shows.


This one is obvious! With all of the video streaming networks, it is impossible to not find something interesting to watch. I have watched countless television shows these past few dreary days and they are all very interesting! I have recently watched When They See Us and Trinkets on Netflix, but the options are endless. Of course, we are likely to binge watch all summer no matter the weather, but take advantage of the weather so you are able to spend more time outside when it's sunny!

3. Learn to cook. 


While you are inside trying to figure out what to do with your time, maybe try cooking! I will admit, I am not the best chef, but why not experiment with some new lunch or dinner dishes while you have nothing else to do! I have recently taught myself to make homemade gyro sandwiches with all homemade ingredients! The possibilities are endless. With Pinterest, Tasty videos, and simple recipes you find online, you could seriously improve your skills! If you get good enough, you could impress your friends when you get back to college!

4. Do an at-home workout.

Not everyone has access to an at-home gym, but there are so many resources for home workouts. Creators like Whitney Simmons do a ton of equipment-free workouts that are super easy to do at home. In addition, while scrolling on youtube, I have found music-based workouts. They are workouts done by creator, MadFit, and they each go along to a popular song. They're short, sweet, and work your whole body! It's a great way to workout while also listening to your favorite songs!

5. Read a book.


We all read a lot when we are back at school, but those books are never for our pleasure. When you're stuck inside, why not try out a new book that could actually bring you joy? I love reading by the beach, and sometimes it can be hard to read indoors because of all the other distractions. But when there's nothing better to do, why not? Try a new genre or find a book that resonates with you, whatever works! Once you start reading, you'll lose track of time and maybe it won't be raining anymore once you're finished.

Rainy days in the summertime really put a damper on plans, but we can make the most of it! All of these things have kept me busy these past couple of rainy days, so I'm sure you could find something to do too!

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20 Things You Find Yourself Saying While Working At A Daycare

"It's okay, your Mom will be right back!"

I spent this summer doing a lot of things, one of which included working at the local daycare. I loved (almost) every minute of it. Here are a few things I found myself and my coworkers saying on the regular.

1. "HEY!!!!!!!"

Whether you're excited to see your kiddos or you are saying it to get their attention, you've probably yelled this.

2. "No."

"Can we go outside now?" No. "Is Miss Jordan going to be our teacher today?" No. "Can we make sliiimeeee???" NO.

3. "Keep your hands to yourself."

When you are 5, there are not many things that are more important at being in the front of the line. Things get physical sometimes and you will have to say this.

4. "Get that out of your mouth."

9 times out of 10, it isn't food in their mouth.

5. "We don't put rocks in your mouth. Get them out of your mouth now."

It is appalling how many 3-year-olds love the taste of rocks.

6. "Eat what you have or don't eat at all."

That sounds mean, but there is no way you like the lunch mom packed yesterday, but don't like it today.

7. "Fire truck, fire truck..." or "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout."

You aren't living until you find yourself on the floor for an hour with 2-year-olds singing nursery rhymes.

8. "Use your inside voice" or "INSIDE VOICES!"

Most of the time this one requires using your outside voice, but its whatever works, right?

9. "LINE UP!"

I wonder where we are going now!!!!

10. "Hugs and Bubbles"

11. "Walk down the hall... I said, 'walk!' QUIT RUNNING!"

12. "Do you want to go in time out?"

"No ma'am." Every single time.

13. "Why did you hit ____?"

Usually followed by "I don't know" or "it was an accident!"

14. "Throw that away."

Kids would keep every Lunchable comic if they could, even if they can't read it yet.

15. "Does your child have any allergies?"

They will be allergic to apples but can eat applesauce.

16. "Look how cute ____and so looks today."

17. "Go give this to Miss ____ next door."

18. "What happened? Let's go find a band aid."

To cut crying time in half, pray that the Band-Aid is Frozen or Paw Patrol.

19. "Hey, let's not do that."

When you're feeling nice, but that's not okay.

20. "I love this job."

You might repeat yourself 45 times a day and want to pull your hair out sometimes, but nothing beats getting to spend time with precious kids every day.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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