All The Drama You Missed From The Season 24 Premiere Of 'The Bachelor'

All The Drama You Missed From The Season 24 Premiere Of 'The Bachelor’

Let the windmill and aviation jokes begin in 3, 2, 1...

All The Drama You Missed From The Season 24 Premiere Of 'The Bachelor’

The day we have all been waiting for is here! Monday night began the premiere of the new season of "The Bachelor".

Instead of the usual two-hour premiere, this time, we were blessed with three hours, and let me tell you, I did not complain one bit.

This season, our Bachelor is Peter Weber, a 28-year-old airline pilot from Westlake Village, CA. Peter placed third on season 15 of "The Bachelorette", after being sent home by former Miss Alabama, Hannah Brown.

Peter was a fan favorite amongst Bachelor Nation, and the previews for his season show lots of drama, tears, and a surprise visit from the girl who sent him home herself, Hannah.

I have been anticipating this season with Peter as the Bachelor. The moment he stepped out of the limo to meet Hannah in his pilots uniform, I was on cloud nine.

He showed great awareness and vulnerability, and his goofiness made him so much more appealing. That's the great thing about Peter, he is so much more than his good looks. Not only did he steal everyone's hearts, but his parents also did too with their adorable relationship.

When Hannah sent him home, I kept thinking what a mistake it was, and how Peter was the perfect guy to step into the role of The Bachelor.

I've been a long-time "Bachelor" fan, and each week I'm going to be writing recaps for each episode along with all my opinions. Let's dive into episode 1!


What. An. Episode.

Peter has his hands full with this group of girls!

On "The Bachelor", first impressions are everything. Most women go above and beyond to make an entrance when they walk out of that limo. A couple of women who stood out:

Alayah: 24 years old, and Miss Texas 2019 (What is it with this show and picking girls pageant girls?!). She brought a letter written by her grandmother, Rose, to give to Peter.

Sydney: 24 years old, from Alabama. She totally roasted Hannah after revealing where she was from, saying, "Not every girl from 'Bama makes bad decisions." Fun little fact from Chris Harrison himself: Sydney went to the same high school as Hannah.

Hannah Ann: 23-year-old model from Tennessee. I took one look at her and thought to myself, "She's getting the first impression rose." Another fun fact from Chris Harrison: Hannah G., a former contestant on both 'The Bachelor' and 'Bachelor in Paradise,' actually helped get Hannah Ann on the show. Connections, people. Connections help.

I was wondering if we would get some flight attendants on this season, and of course, we did. We got three flight attendants: Eunice, Megan, and Jade. Well done, Bachelor producers, well done.

Madison: 23-year-old foster parent recruiter from Alabama. An instant favorite for me. She's sporty, she's cute, and she somehow snagged a giant paper airplane to use when meeting Peter for the first time.

I was waiting for the windmill jokes, and Deandra, a 23-year-old from Texas, shows up looking like a windmill. *sigh* I cringed a little too hard when she asked Peter if he was ready for round five. It didn't stop there when Payton emerges from the limo to say, "FOUR TIMES?!?!" Big oof. It's only night one, and I'm over it.

As the night went on, it got weird. Jenna shows up with a cow that she calls Ashley P., and tells Peter it's an emotional support cow for him. Talk about an entrance. Another girl named Savannah shows up, blindfolding Peter and going in for a kiss. What a bold move on the first night!

Then Kelley emerges from the limo. Kelley is a 27-year-old attorney from Chicago, and she has a little history with Peter. A month before filming, she introduces herself to him in a hotel lobby. She was there for a friend's wedding, and he was there for his 10-year high school reunion. They talk and have a connection. She decides to try it out with him on the show, and Peter recognizes her instantly, and by the look on his face, he is excited to see her. This will automatically put a target on her back amongst the other women in the house.

The last person to emerge from a limo is Hannah Brown. Peter's face drops open at the sight of her, and I wonder what is happening. We all know that Hannah sent Peter home right before the finale, and we know that Hannah chose Jed in the end. We know stuff happened, and that Jed had a girlfriend back home while he was on the show. We know Hannah ended her engagement with him and is still single. Is it possible that she's coming back to fight for Peter? Or is she coming just to come to wish him luck on his journey?

You can feel the nerves between them as he hugs her. I studied Peter's face, and it almost looked like there was a longing in his eyes. Maybe he wished she would come back so they could try it again. She gives him back the wings he gave to her on the first night that they met.

"I want you to find that person, so I brought these back for you. You're gonna be great. I am really happy for you."

It was a sweet gesture, and it hurt my heart a lot. It was like Hannah was letting him go and saying goodbye so that Peter could move forward.

At the cocktail party, the girls try to find time to steal Peter away and have their time alone. The first night is always rough, as there are 30 women and not a lot of time to make conversation. Hannah Ann had a great conversation with Peter, and she gave him a painting she made with her dad of the smokey mountains. She bonded with Peter over family and how their parents are a beautiful example of love.

Mykenna came in hot, not afraid to steal Peter away from the other women. This caused some conflict with Natasha, and I'm betting this won't be the last time we see these two arguing with each other.

Hannah Ann also wanted to steal Peter away, and she did it three times. Shiann was one of the women who got interrupted by Hannah Ann's boldness, and she pulled Hannah Ann aside to tell her how she felt about it. The interaction was awkward to watch as Hannah Ann tells Shiann that she hopes that Shiann gets a chance to talk to Peter.

When it came time for the first impression rose, I suspected Hannah Ann was getting it. She had already put herself out there multiple times, and she didn't hold back with kissing Peter. I was not surprised when Peter came to find her while holding the rose. Hannah Ann has a sweet persona, but there is something about her that makes me believe she will cause a lot of drama in the house.

The night started with 30 women, but Peter eliminates eight women: Maurissa, Avonlea, Jade, Kylie, Eunice, Megan, Katrina, and Jenna. Guess Peter's type is definitely not flight attendants.

Next begins the first group date of the season. The date card read "Look Up," and knowing Peter's occupation, this screams something involving an airplane. The women going on the date include Kelley, Hannah Ann, Tammy, Deandra, Courtney, Jasmine, Shiann, Victoria P., and Victoria F. With the help of two female pilots, Peter puts the women through flight school. The first part includes an understanding of aviation terminology. Then it turns into everyone's worst nightmare: math. My heart went out to these women during all the math questions. Nobody signs up for The Bachelor expecting to be quizzed in math.

Then they bring out the gyroscope, which instantly made me sick to my stomach. I wasn't the only one who got ill, Victoria P. voices her fear and tells a dramatic story about the spinning teacups she rode as a child that traumatized her. I have to give a big shout out to the Bachelor producers, they made this moment so funny by including dramatic music and showing video footage of the spinning teacups. It reminded me of Annaliese from a few seasons ago who shared a similar story about bumper cars.

Now begins the obstacle course, which includes hauling luggage, a tricycle race, and changing into a pilot's uniform in an airplane lavatory. Whoever wins the competition gets to fly into the sunset with Peter, and in the Bachelor world, one-on-one time is valuable. It all comes down to Tammy and Kelley, and Kelley wins, but only because she totally cheats her way through the tricycle race.

They share a romantic moment in the air as the sun sets, and the remaining girls wait for them to come back so they can have a cocktail party.

Things get crazy when we learn that the hotel they're at for the cocktail party is the same one where Kelley and Peter met. I have to applaud the Bachelor producers, they either plan this stuff, or it's just a crazy coincidence. Peter gives Kelley the group date rose, and it is evident that the women do not like her, and they're jealous of her connection to Peter. They even call her out for cheating during the obstacle course.

Madison is chosen for the one-on-one, and I was pleased about this! Peter brings her to his house (Peter lives very close to the Bachelor mansion), where his parents are renewing their wedding vows. A beautiful ceremony in their backyard surrounded by family and friends, Peter's parents had me holding back tears. Their love for one another is so pure and admirable. It truly is the perfect reflection of the love that Peter is hoping to find on this journey.

Madison bonds with Peter's mom, and she even catches his mom's bouquet (Good one, producers). Madison and Peter have a great talk during dinner, and he gives her the rose. They end the night dancing to live music in their private concert when Peter's family and friends show up, joining them. Best first one-on-one date ever.

The next group date card is brought to the mansion, with Lauren, Payton, Sydney, Alexa, Natasha, Mykenna, Kelsey, Savannah, and Alayah's names on the card. The date card reads, "I hope this isn't awkward," and judging from the previews, it's time to see Hannah Brown again.

At this point, I'm nervous. I'm biting my nails and wondering how this can play out. When the women see Hannah standing on a stage with the windmill, you can see the confusion all over their faces. Hannah begins to share the windmill story with Peter and the women, and I wanted to fast forward through this awkward mess. THIS IS WEIRD. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Hannah tells the girls to share a personal story about a sexual encounter or a fantasy they have, and they are to do it in front of a live audience. If I were on the date, I would try to leave. Whoever planned this date did a horrible job.

The women are mad that Hannah is there, and they're questioning if she still has feelings for Peter. Why else is she there?

Peter goes to find Hannah later, who is crying so much that her mascara is all over her face. My suspicions are confirmed when Hannah reveals that she still questions if sending Peter home on her season was a mistake. My heart goes out to Peter at this moment as he explains to Hannah that he wished she would have asked him to be on his season when she showed up to give him his wings back.

So many people are over Hannah, and I get it. But I feel sorry for her. What she went through with Jed was awful, and I can't imagine how much she beats herself up for letting both Peter and Tyler go. I don't blame her for not being over Peter, for wondering what might have happened had she chosen to keep him. I can understand why this is suddenly putting Peter in an awkward position, as he wonders if he still has feelings for Hannah.

When Peter asks Hannah if she ever considered asking him out on After the Final Rose instead of Tyler, I held my breath. I can imagine all of America was holding their breath as well. Peter reveals that seeing her ask Tyler out on live TV really hurt him, and I often wondered what Peter thought about that, and now we finally know. He even says that he told his parents that he would have given her another chance.

I don't want to be someone's, like, third option. Then it was just tough because I found out you'd moved, like, 20 minutes from where I live… I thought that I was not confused, but now, I don't know."

Hannah says that Tyler had already reached out to her after the finale, but Peter never did, which made Hannah think he wanted to be the Bachelor and had already moved on. *sigh* This makes me wonder how things might have been different if Hannah or Peter would've reached out to each other sooner. Would Peter be with Hannah right now? Would someone else be The Bachelor?

The episode ends on a cliff hanger, and now I'm going to spend the next week wondering what the heck will happen next.

Final Thoughts

Around the time of filming, Hannah was on Dancing With The Stars, so even if she wanted to try again with Peter, I don't know if it would have been possible. Talk about a wild episode! I'm guessing next weekend we jump right into Hannah and Peter's conversation while they try to figure out their feelings and what they want to do moving forward. I was not expecting us to be spending a good chunk of time rehashing the past! Now I understand why this was a 3-hour premiere.

The women this season look promising. I predict that Hannah Ann, Kelley, Madison, and Sarah are going to be strong competition and will go far! Only the first episode and I can already sense that things will continue to heat up every week, and there will be plenty of tears to come.

If you read all of this, thank you. I look forward to Bachelor talks with each of you and hearing what you think! Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this season so far and tell me your predictions!

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