The Art Of Kite-Flying
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The Art Of Kite-Flying

Everyone has a dream. Run with it, get it in the air, and hold tight.

The Art Of Kite-Flying
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The term "dream" has many definitions. The one we're focusing on here is, "a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal." We all have dreams. Whether it's completing a difficult task, traveling somewhere, or becoming something, we're determined to accomplish it.

Surely, most of us are familiar with the classic Peanuts scenario by Charles M. Schulz: the beloved, wishy-washy Charlie Brown trying to get his kite in the air to no avail. He gets a good start, then it either gets tangled in the branches of the "stupid, kite-eating tree" or the wind sends it crashing to the ground-- not to mention the discouragement he constantly battles from the other kids.

In life, we can all relate to good ol' Chuck. Maintaining a dream is just like flying a kite-- some will have more luck than others, but we've all experienced obstacles while trying to get them in the air.

Each part in the art of kite-flying is symbolic: the kite itself represents your dream, the string is your faith, which connects you to your dream, and the wind represents opportunity. Once you have your kite, all you have to do is run with it. Of course, not every day will maintain a good atmosphere, which includes a wide open space and a moderate breeze. When that day comes, just give the string a little distance, and take off. Eventually, the wind will begin to pick up, and it'll start to float along.

As you keep letting your string go farther out, the wind will get stronger and it will push against the kite, lifting it higher into the air. Things may go pretty well at first, and once it's at a good height, all you have to do is keep a tight grip on the string as the wind supports it.

Unfortunately, the wind won't always be in your favor. It can either change direction and get your kite tangled into a "stupid, kite-eating tree" or stop completely and send it crashing to the ground. There might be some damage done to the kite if the destruction is great enough. However, that doesn't mean you're supposed to give up. Although Charlie Brown may have some pretty rotten luck, he is admirable for his perseverance-- no matter how many times he fails, he takes his kite, goes right back outside and tries again.

In addition to these obstacles, there's going to be a vast amount of discouragement. Charlie Brown was practically the laughing stock of the kids around him, but he always had one friend to offer some encouraging words and good advice: Linus Van Pelt. Linus, so young and yet so wise, reminds us that there will always be someone there to render support and good advice.

We all have a dream of some sort. If it seems possible to you, then go for it. Become what you want, go wherever your heart desires, and do what you want. Start off by running with it, and when opportunity knocks, get that kite in the air.

Even as the wind blows, hold on tight to that string.

Lacey Franklin

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