The Art Of Being Expensive
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The Art Of Being Expensive

It's Trump change

The Art Of Being Expensive
The National Sun Times

For calling himself a Republican, a party that frequently prides itself on being the party that is more concerned about the economy, President Trump sure enjoys spending money. Everyone remembers the President's tweets about former President Obama's trips to play golf; in fact, Trump seemed to take a great amount of pride when mentioning Obama's time off.

Having said that, President Trump himself is an economic liability to the American people. According to a CNN research brief, as of Trump's 81st day in office, over 21 million dollars has been spent on only the President's vacations to his Florida property. For an average four day trip to his Mar-A-Lago private residence, it is believed to cost approximately $3.6 million. One of the most important aspects to take away from this available information is that these costs are only for the President's trips down to Florida. It is an absolutely absurd amount of money to spend on frequent vacations, especially considering that President Obama spend a comparatively "modest" 97 million dollars over both of his terms. One of the most concerning aspects of these expenses is the possibility of Trump deciding to cram as many vacations into his schedule as he possibly can before the month ends, and the weather in Florida becomes too warm for his orange complexion.

For me personally though, I still believe that the President's trips to Mar-A-Lago cannot hold a candle to the amount of money being spend daily on the stubborn First Lady. As many reports initially indicated, Mrs. Trump stood by her decision to remain in her residence atop Trump Tower. Her reasoning? The Trump family does not wish to move before their youngest, Barron, wraps up his year at an elite private school. The reasoning is somewhat logical; why make a child move so close to the end of the year? It's pretty much pointless to change his place of learning now...except for one tiny detail that the Trump family does not seem to care about: the decision for Melania and Barron to stay in New York is believed to cost anywhere from $127,000 to $140,000 a day. So much for being representatives for the truly economically sound political party.

But all things considered, I would still be willing to bet that our President sees no issue with his radical spending habits. After all, it's not his money being spent, it's the money of the American taxpayer that foots his family's bill.

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