An America Divided
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Politics and Activism

An America Divided

Be the change you need to be in the world.

An America Divided

Actual poem:

While the pigeons and seagulls soar the endless skies,

I am stuck down below,

Forced to endure the realities and tragedies of what I call home.

While the mixture of violence and hatred sweep across the world,

I am stuck down below.

While children are dying, honored veterans neglected, racial tensions becoming too strong,

Our generation sits and does nothing.

The Earth is dying, and so are our American souls.

An America divided and not whole, is no home to any of the lost,

To each their own, they come seeking life in a world unknown,

The America we know shines hope.

We may not entirely agree with the present that has been put in front of us,

We can claw, beat and yell out in frustration and cause an uproar,

That’s the beauty of it,

An American full of freewill,

An American with powers to change the future’s course.

Let us not discriminate based upon our race,

Let us not hate whether we are gay or straight,

And do not say that we are not equal.

We are all linked together through the democracy of this country,

A nation brought together, tall and strong,

Having fought through wars of all sizes,

Molding our futures throughout an endless history,

We must not throw away what our ancestors did for us.

Be the change you aspire to be,

Wait for no one to act,

The first words must be spoken,

As it has been for all of those in the past:

George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks…

Continue what these influential people (and many others) have started.

One man cannot make America great again,

Only the people can.

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