The Absence of Correctness and the New Age to Monitor
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The Absence of Correctness and the New Age to Monitor

Handling America in Four Years

The Absence of Correctness and the New Age to Monitor
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It is clear America is now a business that promised national care, job security, and political opinions. Finally, simple and straight forward talk. Hoping to achieve a silver lining and make a great Pax peace like the time of old religion set aside and opened new faiths and prosperity. However if one must think someone is worthy to take the presidency than ask yourself this can a homeless individual be president? The president is a figurehead with special powers to command the troops, veto laws, and form his cabinet but I am thinking about the person itself. How does any one you know have the morals, qualities, and vulgar tongue for president? Surely you can argue the greatest thing for a president is to know how people treat one another. Kindness, honesty, and perseveres. The homeless knows the exact same feelings and attitude just described. Are we as a nation care fondly about celebrities' gorgeous appearance that all will be blinded by fake news editors to manipulate us and not focus on what it means to search through our simple liberties for a great president? We have the same liberties from an American homeless man but we don't seek out to align him with political leadership.

I am glad to state here I am a Republican but does not mean I am not a Democrat. I am a religious man but does not mean I oppress homosexuals and transgender citizens with "kindly primed abuse"-the act to treat them with respect but savagely destroy their identity because they do not follow your beliefs. Many others are in the middle ground because of dying political ideas like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton because those who have listen to the past generations are only repeating the same thing but with added bonuses and incentives to do something we have already kept or will take away and replace it. These days citizens have a fake account how to fix American government proposing political correctness. Thinking it is the right decision to stop the discrimination of the transgender community, or the attack on minorities which most cases are civil liberties but Correcting how humans need to behave is no longer civil liberties but equal liberties. The biggest issue is not advocate for equal liberties for nonsensical years changed human thought. Focus on when societies changed their minds rather than focusing on liberties today. Although, Freedom of Choice? What does this phrase mean? Does this mean whatever actions I take it is my choice and wont have any regrets? This phrase is opposing PC culture. The choice only matters to whatever ideas promoting the choice. How does this phrase progress to a society when struggling to have the absence of correctness? Freedom to have your choice when no one is corrected will not solve the millions of lives who are effected by your horrible choice to label and check people as this type of race, religion, or social class. But if PC culture did prevail how long can politicians monitor until the government takes advantage? I have the choice to vote for a homeless man but to monitor him if he becomes horrible with representing and effecting the country is a huge deal as well. For the four years, citizens ask yourself this question where will there be a middle ground beween eliminating PC culture but at the same time making an awful decision based on choice which the government will not monitor severly? Will there be any ground? Or will we ever find that sign?

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