The 8 Types of Musical Theater Majors
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The 8 Types of Musical Theater Majors

We're All Extra, Get Over It

The 8 Types of Musical Theater Majors

Hey there internet. My name is Katelyn and I am a musical theater major.

There are many stereotypes that are floating around in the universe about what it means to be a musical theater major. We genuinely are all special and unique, but sometimes stereotypes are fun and those of us who are extra dramatic enjoy playing them up every once in awhile. So, without further ado, the 8 types of musical theater majors.

  1. The “Commercial Theater? Ew Gross” MT. This particular breed of musical theater major prefers the experimental, alternative musical theater, maybe even “music theater”. They come at the world with an utmost abhorrence for character shoes, glitter and kick lines even though, come on family let’s be honest, we were all raised on that type of theater. Even if they project a disgust for them, deep down each still gets excited about a proscenium stage.
  2. The “I live and breathe Rodgers and Hammerstein” MT. This musical theater major is the complete opposite of the MT listed above. The idea of doing something not in musical theater canon is shocking and repulsive to this person. They will "compromise" to include things beyond Rodgers and Hammerstein like Lerner and Loewe, Rodgers and Hart, Irving Berlin and Cole Porter. The question they will always ask you is “honestly is it really musical theater unless it happened in the golden age?”
  3. The “Wait I have to dance?” MT. A person who grew up singing and acting, this person loves musical theater. Their favorite thing is planting their feet and belting out a crazy song like “Rose’s Turn”. Then they got to college and realized they needed to learn how to dance. They never really liked dancing, and still don’t, but have come to the conclusion that they just have to suck it up and take the minimum requirement of dance classes graduation. These people tend to be pretty tight with the “commercial theater? Ew gross” MT.
  4. The “I have two volumes, loud and louder” MT. Honestly this is every single one of us. None of us have a quiet setting. We all live our lives in extremes and loud is an extreme. It gets to be a lot when you put 35 of us in a room together but sometimes it’s endearing...if you don’t have a migraine.
  5. The “I play twelve instruments, write music and have a list of fourteen other weird talents” MT. Let’s be real everyone. We all wish we were this person and if we aren’t this person we try to be friends with this person because maybe some of their disgusting amount of talent will rub off on us based on proximity. They say stuff like “I just bought an electric harp and I’m teaching myself how to play.” All I have to say to that is “HOW. WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO BE A UNICORN OF TALENT AND BEAUTY? IT IS NOT FAIR.” I love these people so much.
  6. The “I’m an MT but I really like being behind the table but I also really like singing” MT. This person thought that all they wanted to do was perform. They went through all of the craziness involved in getting into a musical theater program but now that they’re here they question whether it’s what they want to be doing every single day. They really enjoy directing, or stage managing, or casting, but they also really like singing and they can’t bring themselves to choose. So they opt to do absolutely everything. God love these musical theater majors. If you know one of them give them a hug and remind them that sleeping and eating are really awesome and healthy and just as important as everything else they're trying to fit into their schedule.
  7. The “give me rock musicals or give me death” MT. This musical theater major is edgy but not too edgy and classic but not too classic. They love Hair and American Idiot and Rock of Ages and Jesus Christ Superstar. Anything that is contemporary and involves rock style piques their attention. It’s something they genuinely don’t shut up about. This MT has a really special skill, because not everyone can successfully sing rock, and we’re all happy for them, but there is certainly more to theater than rock musicals.
  8. The “I’m a dancer first” MT. Their entrance was probably a jumping pass, or a turning combination, or an illusion into a cartwheel into a split. This musical theater major came out of the womb being able to kick their face and nail a triple pirouette. They were either on a competition team or in a rigorous ballet program growing up and the only thing that mattered in their childhood was the ridiculous number of hours they spent in the dance studio. All they want to do is dance. They even walk turned out. Telltale signs are someone who only ever wears leotards and leggings, probably has their hair up 24/7 and is carrying a foam roller and/or a yoga mat. This MT talks about how their pilates class makes them feel like they could take over the world and they just don’t understand how someone couldn’t love dance as much as they do.

I want to close this fun little piece by saying I know and love people who are every single one of these and this is by no means me saying that any of these people are bad. They mean the world to me and bring all sorts of light to my life. If you’re a musical theater major, share this with your MT friends, tag yourself, and comment if you can think of another type of MT! Truly none of this matters, it’s fun and enjoyable and if you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh at other people, right?



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