The 8 Most Important Packers Excluding Aaron Rodgers
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The 8 Most Important Packers Excluding Aaron Rodgers

Every lead has a supporting cast

The 8 Most Important Packers Excluding Aaron Rodgers

Every great NFL team relies on a core of solid play makers and proven all-stars, unless of course the team is the Chicago Bears, they just kinda do their own thing. Anyway, from season to season, the success of the team often depends on these skilled individuals put forth enough effort to birth a playoff run. The Packers are no different, aside from the fact that with the league's best quarterback, many shortcomings can be covered up. With that in mind, here are my choices for the eight most important players on the Packers Roster who aren't named Aaron Rodgers.

1. Jordy Nelson

Everyone in the league saw what happened to the Packers without Jordy Nelson in 2015, and his impact became crystal-clear this past season. Jordy Nelson has served as a comfort blanket to Aaron Rodgers for years, and even at the age of 32 is still a dangerous weapon for the man under center. The depth at wide receiver is now much deeper than when Nelson went down with a torn ACL, but I consider him to be irreplaceable to the team.

2. David Bakhtiari

As a former fourth-round pick, David Bakhtiari has far surpassed expectations and quickly become one of the league's best left tackles. If quarterback is the most important position in the game, then left tackle comes in at second, and the Packers have a real good one in this spot. He should be an anchor at the position for years, and I hope he gets more recognition in the coming seasons.

3. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Quickly developing into one of the best safeties in the NFL, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has been, and will continue to be, one of the most important players on the Packers. His coverage skills are still improving (which were great to begin with), and his ability to play the ball in the air is becoming recognized by his fellow players. I still think there is room for improvement, which doesn't bode well for opposing offenses.

4. Damarious Randall

Damarious Randall is on this list as a result of the difference between his potential, and his poor play from last season. I won't sugarcoat it, he played terrible last season, injured or not. Constantly a liability in coverage, unfortunately Randall's tendency to get beat at the line of scrimmage lead to the Pack being near last in pass defense. However, I'm more than willing to believe that this was a fluke season, and that the best years are ahead for the young DB; the Packers need it to be that way.

5. Clay Matthews

I'm actually quite torn on Matthews being on this list, as I think that his best years are far behind him. Don't get me wrong, Clay Matthews still has the ability to be a play-wrecker...when he's healthy. Unfortunately for the team, that condition is rarely met anymore. This season he needs to stay healthy, the Packers lost Julius Peppers and now need Clay to step up more than ever.

6. Martellus Bennett

This is a player that I'm excited to write about; his being on the team bodes well for the season ahead. It never hurts to give your quarterback more weapons, and I think his worth will be fully displayed this upcoming season. He's a big target, who isn't afraid to block or get physical at the line of scrimmage. Mark my words, Martellus Bennett and Aaron Rodgers will do great things this season.

7. Ty Montgomery

With a full offseason under his belt, I think this will be his emergence year at the running back position. He'll be motivated by the rookie crop the Packers brought in through the draft, as well as by those who have constantly claimed he will not be able to handle the load of being the number one back. Only time will tell, but I think that Montgomery's presence will work wonders for the Packer's offense.

8. Morgan Burnett

Another leader on the defense, Burnett is coming off a wonderful year. He is considered a silent leader on the team, and for the most part lets his play do the talking. Having moved a bit more into a hybrid role, the veteran further expanded upon his usefulness to the team. That role will need to be utilized again this upcoming season, as nearly every aspect of the defense needs to get better.

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