The 7 Stages Of A Basic White Girl In Fall
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The 7 Stages Of A Basic White Girl In Fall

The basic white girls are out to play this fall!

The 7 Stages Of A Basic White Girl In Fall

The leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are dropping, and fall is finally here. With this comes Basic White Girl Syndrome (BWG), a spreading sensation that causes girls everywhere to become basic, or predictable according to Webster. There is currently no found cure, but there are symptoms that you can use to self-diagnose. Here’s what to watch out for this season:

Stage 1: Fall Clothes are Back

The temperature dropping to 65 degrees means it’s officially boots, vest, and flannel season. A warm yet stylish fall wardrobe is essential for BWGs, so this symptom will definitely be apparent this fall.

Stage 2: A Need to Cuddle

Following a drop in temperature comes a BWG's desire to cuddle up under several blankets and refuse to move for hours. This symptom is completely normal and may even be confused with laziness. But please do not be alarmed, for a BWG is simply always cold and they love to cuddle.

Stage 3: Pumpkin Spice Everything

This is one of the most glorious flavors that will have every BWG going crazy. Starbucks cups use will be at an all-time high, your Pinterest feed will be blowing up with recipes, and the smell will be everywhere. You'll feel as if you live in a cloud full of pumpkins, but who wouldn't love that?

Stage 4: Social Media

One of the best activities during fall is picking apples, getting apple cider, and enjoying a nice day out with your friends. With BWGs, you’ll feel like you’re right there with them due to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts and pictures. Fall brings out every BWG’s ability to pose, filter, and post their best pictures of the day.

Stage 5: Halloween

It’s the beginning of October and one of the biggest stresses a BWG will go through is what to be for Halloween. Who should they coordinate with? How can they make it as cute but warm as possible? Will anyone else have the same idea they do?

Stage 6: Decorations

With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, why not deck out the apartment in all the coolest things. BWGs love this stage. It gives them a chance to express their creativity and let their guest know how festive they are.

Stage 7: Makeovers

Hair dyed for a fresh new look, nails painted in the latest and trendiest fall color, and new makeup has been purchased. A BWG must be in style for this fall season. And what matches better with their boots, vest, and Starbucks than pretty hair and nails for the Instagram picture? New season, new you.

May the pumpkin spice be nice, the weather suffice, and the leaves be a delight this wonderful season. Happy fall, my fellow basic white girls!

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