The 616 Never Felt So Home

Going away to college and being away from home leads to achieving a degree, getting a sense of greater self worth, becoming a more independent person, and figuring out a sense of purpose in life. But it also makes for an appreciation of where one comes from. Sometimes, it takes being away from home to fully understand how lucky one is to fully appreciate it. Here are some things I've realized that I take for granted while I'm away at school.

1. Being less than 5 miles from Lake Michigan

The sandy shores of Lake Michigan and days of building sand castles: basically your childhood

2. Fredrick Meijer Gardens

A great place for family fun! There is something exciting happening every season too, so you don't get bored. Plus the new Japanese Garden is spectacular!

3. Taking the highway vs. two lane roads

70 is the average speed limit.

4. Being surrounded by water

The #1 cause of traffic jams: bridges, water ways, etc.

5. Art Prize

Experience art from around the world Downtown Grand Rapids-no words can describe how amazing it is.

6. West Michigan Whitecaps baseball games

A fun, eventful way to watch baseball

7. Grand Rapids Griffins hockey games

Van Andel Arena is an awesome place to watch a game, or go see Disney on Ice

8. The cornfields of Coopersville, Allendale, and Eastmanville

Embrace your inner country, plus support local farming

9. M-231

The new 7-mile bypass that avoids the craziness of the Grand Haven traffic

10. Coast Guard Festival

Sweet summertime

11. Walking the Grand Haven Pier

Whether it is 70 or 7 degrees, it is always a sight to see

12. Tulip Time in Holland

Celebrate spring with some Dutch culture and colorful flowers

13. Gerald R. Ford Museum

The only presidential library in Michigan

14. Hiking trails for miles (and miles)

Take some time and EXPLORE

15. The basic everyday apparel of “Lake Michigan Unsalted” shirts and jeans

16. Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Bowl

Ask for Kennedy as your ski instructor

17. St. Andrew's Cathedral

A stunning Catholic Church

18. Farmer’s Markets

Farm fresh and local

19. Michigan’s Adventure

Two parks for the price of one (FUN FUN)

20. Always ending the day with a sunset

Joy delights in joy

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