The 5 Woes of Watching Fashion Month From Instagram
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The 5 Woes of Watching Fashion Month From Instagram

Suck on that, Gigi! But also please me by friend.

The 5 Woes of Watching Fashion Month From Instagram

Praise Instagram for giving us access into the luxurious lives that we will never live. Just by scrolling through my Instagram feed, I can see how fashion bloggers, Kardashians and various movie stars are living on a daily basis. I can be at the Oscars, at a photoshoot or at the filming of the Bad Blood video with just about every one of my celebrity girl crushes. Instagram allows us to see inside worlds that before we wouldn’t have been privy. This being said, I obviously love that Instagram gave me access to the front row of Fashion Month, from New York to London to Milan to Paris. However, there are few downfalls when it comes to experiencing Fashion Month via Instagram.

  • FOMO: Why aren’t I friends with these people? I’m cool and people totally like me. Sure my wardrobe is severely lacking and my selfie game isn’t quite as strong but I’m sarcastic and send my besties the funniest memes. Not that I don’t love my girlfriends but who wouldn’t want to be in a Kendall and Gigi sandwich? Maybe, if I just comment on Gigi’s picture she’ll notice me…
  • Time Zones: The Chanel show took place at 2:30 AM my time. I’m on PST so once fashion month crossed over the pond to Europe I was screwed. I would wake up each morning already so behind in my Insta scroll game. Though, this ended up being a slight perk because I snoozed my alarm less to start my Fashion Month stalking earlier.
  • Money: That dress, those shoes and that bag are all amazing. I want it all and I want it right now. Unfortunately, what is being shown is not available to us little people for another season or two. Even more unfortunately is that when it is available, I cannot afford it, any of it, not even that headband. Even the fabulous Kate Spade display would break the bank for me. Damn you, student loans! Also, knowing that most of the Instagram stars that I’m stalking don’t have to pay for the fabulous things that they wearing while watching people wear equally fabulous things as they strut down a runaway is just salt in the wound.
  • When No One Else is Stalking Fashion Month – Is pretending I’m at Fashion Month via my Instagram feed weird? I thought that was totally normal. How come Cindy from HR has no idea about Candice Swanepoel falling during the Givenchy show? Hello, Cindy. Step your following game up. This is real life stuff that I’m trying to talk to you about.
  • Where Would I Wear That – Even if I had the money to afford the chic runway outfits that Kendall wears as she struts on the runway, where would I wear it? My life’s activities include work, eating pizza and watching Netflix. On the off chance that I go out on a Friday night, I’ll go to a small bar, where anything more than jeans and a tank top would catch a few too many stares. My life simply is not as fabulous as the people I follow on Instagram.

Yes, attending Fashion Month through Instagram has quite a few downsides but it has one upside: I can stroll through my feed while in sweatpants, eating Pizza and rewatching Gilmore Girls. Suck on that, Gigi! But also, please me by friend.

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