The 5 Stages of Fall Semester
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The 5 Stages of Fall Semester

Fall semester comes in many forms- the good, the bad and the ugly.

The 5 Stages of Fall Semester

We all go through a variety of emotions on a day to day basis, so it is no surprise that the fall semester is a combination of the good, the bad and the ugly. As November rolls around, we have almost entirely checked out; midterms are over, and we're nearly done, but we still have one more month to drag ourselves to class. The fall semester can be best described in five stages.

Stage 1: Excitement

YES! Fall semester is finally here. You have your dorm/apartment decor and furniture purchased and packed. You've printed out your schedule, gotten everything you need, and you're ready to take on a new year!

Stage 2: Reality

So, you're all unpacked and settled in your new space. You were so excited that you almost forgot you have an 8 am in the morning when you haven't seen what 10 am looks like in longer than you'd like to admit.

Stage 3: Stress

You knew it wouldn't be easy but now everything is coming at once. Midterms are around the corner and you have no idea what you're learning in Statistics. This is the perfect time to get your life together. Everything will be okay, you tell yourself, as you eat another spoonful of ice cream.

Stage 4: Lack of Motivation

After midterms, the rest of the year is a blur. There are less and less events on campus, you begin to sleep more than usual and your morning coffee just doesn't do what it's supposed to anymore. But regardless, you roll out of bed and begrudgingly walk to class.

Stage 5: Happiness

The last day of exams is finally here and you know that all your hard work was worth it. The semester may seem like a lot, but it went by much faster than you expected and now you get nearly a month off. All the all-nighters and studying was worth it. You may even miss parts of the experience, but don't worry- you can do it all over again in the spring!

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