So you've finished your finals. After submitting that last paper or taking that last exam there's not much left to do but pack-up and go home. The stress is pretty much gone and all there is to do is enjoy the Holidays and wait for grades to come out. But with going home comes SO much to look forward to. After a stressful semester full of late nights and challenging assignments, this month-long winter break can be exactly what you need. So, while you may be concerned with what the outcome of your finals don't be discouraged. Coming home will provide you with five F's that are actually enjoyable to receive (lol). Here they are:

1. Food

Dining hall food gets the job done but nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Bonus points because you don't have to change out of your pajamas to go eat breakfast or worry about the hours your own kitchen will be open.

2. Friends

Whether you've stayed in touch everyday of the year or maybe lost touch a little bit nothing beats getting your high school squad back together. True friends are the ones you can be away from for months at a time and then get back together and talk as if no time passed at all.

3. Family

No one loves you more or is happier to have you home than your family. You can actually spend time with them doing fun things instead of studying now that the semester is over.

4. Free Time

WHAT WILL YOU DO OTHER THAN HOMEWORK? Read a book? Meditate more? Take up knitting? Sleep? Regain your sanity? Who knows? Who cares? The important thing is you have an entire month or more to do WHATEVER YOU WANT. Beautiful.

5. Furry Companions

They're always excited when you get home. They love you. They don't talk to you. And they give the best cuddles. Additionally, you can always call up your parents when you're away but you can't talk to your dog. That's what makes coming home to them after a long time away so great.