We've all been there. You've been laying in your bed for hours continuously watching the same show on Netflix, also known as "binge-watching." This downward spiral is one that's hard to get out of, and one that many people have experienced. Here are the four stages of binge-watching a show.

1. The First Episode

You've been waiting to watch this specific show, but you've finally gotten around to it. All of your friends have been raving about it, the entertainment industry is obsessed with it, and now you're going to try it out. Even though you're a little weary because it's such a popular show, you decide that it's finally time to actually watch it so you know what people are talking about when they say that their life is over because their favorite character died.

2. The Third Episode

You're now on the third episode, and you're really starting to get into the show. You relate to the characters, and soon start relating the characters to your friends. You're right at the entrance to the downward spiral, and about to fall down.

3. Addiction

That's right. You now have a full-time addiction. You may or may not own some merchandise related to the TV show that you're watching, you are thinking about it all of the time, and you've watched more than four episodes on one day. Your friends are starting to get concerned about you, and your family tries to call for an intervention.

4. The End

This is it. This is the end. You've finished your TV show and you no longer know what to do with your life. Your heart yearns for another season and more of your favorite characters' drama and comedy. That empty feeling will soon be replaced though, so don't worry! You'll soon find another show to binge-watch.