As a writer for Odyssey, we are required to submit an article once a week. In the beginning of your career on this website, you have a bunch of ideas, so pulling a couple of articles out of thin air is such a simple thing that you don’t even think twice about it. After a couple of months go by, though, you see your productivity slowly coming to a halt and then the time comes when you just don’t have an article idea all together. It’s the day before (or even sometimes the day of) your deadline, you have no ideas, you’re staring at a blank screen, and time is running out. What’s happening? Writer’s block, my friend. Welcome to the club.

1. You think of your deadline as if it’s a year away

You definitely have time to write it. You can totally do it tomorrow.

2. Tomorrow comes around and you suddenly feel a little panicked

I don’t have an idea. Maybe if I push it one more day I’ll come up with a great idea.

3. The great idea still hasn’t hit you but something else does; realization

So this is what writer’s block is

4. You start to go through your list of stored ideas in your phone

There must be something good in here that I can write about

5. You start to doubt every single idea you’ve ever come up with

How did I come up with 10 ideas before that are all so stupid?

6. You frantically try and come up with an idea on the spot

Maybe I can write an advice article? But wait I don’t even have my own life together so maybe not.

7. You give up and decide a break may help you think of an idea

Sitting here obviously is just making me more on edge. I should just watch a YouTube video. Or five. Or ten.

8. You come back to your work and panic even more because you realize how much time you’ve wasted

How is it already night time?

9. You go back to your list of ideas in your phone and decide to settle on the easiest one

I have no other choice at this point

10. You rush through writing the article just so you can make your deadline

I already wasted so much time. I just need to finish this as soon as humanly possible.

11. You start to regret the lack of effort you put into it

Maybe I should’ve spent a little bit more time on it. What if people don’t like it?

12. You immediately make a promise to yourself that you’ll never put yourself through this ever again

Next week I’m going to write the best article I’ve ever written

13. You unfortunately do it all over again

Welcome to the club. Once you’re in, you’ll never be able to leave.