Sadly, as November dawns upon us, it signifies the end of the most joyous time of the year: Halloween. As the autumn weather fades and the leaves are buried into the ground, we are aware that winter is coming and we must prepare.

The only great thing about Halloween ending is all the discount Halloween candy littered on the shelves of every Food Lion and Kroger. We swoop in for the sick deals and leave with 30 dollars worth of sweet treats. Three hours in, we are left with an empty bag filled with our sorrows. With the feeling of happiness, we are also filled with constipation and slight nausea.

Here are the stages of death after eating an entire bag of discount Halloween candy:

1. Overwhelming Joy

2. Love at first Sight

3. Mild Regret

4. Sadness Within Your Soul

5. Painful Stomach Gurgling

6. Slight Nausea and Disgust with Yourself

7. Forgetting First Six Stages, Repeat the Process