The Different Girls During Girls Night Out
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The Different Girls During Girls Night Out

"Whatever you do, don't let me text him tonight!"

The Different Girls During Girls Night Out

1. The Dancing Queen

Every time you go out, this girl is on the move. And when I say move, I mean dancing moves. She doesn’t care what anyone is thinking nor does she mind making a complete fool of herself. She blames it on the music, not the drinks. She finds a way to dance regardless of where she is. She will be dancing to the DJ spinning in the club, or the ringtone of the person standing next to her while she’s waiting for the uber; don’t underestimate her, she will dance in the uber as well and make the driver want to pull over.

2. The mom

She is the reason you are still alive. Yeah, you may want her to step out of the box sometimes, but truth is, she is the reason you get home every night even if you don’t remember. She has good morals and the strength to walk away from a good time if it is getting too out of hand. And you better bet, she’s dragging you out of there with her. No man left behind is mom’s book. You might even get a stern look the next morning, but don’t worry. She forgives easily.

3. The hot mess

Oh don’t you just love the hot mess. Look at her go. She has beer all down her shirt and two drinks in her hand. And look at that, she only has one shoe on. What would be a night without her though? Although she may lose her cell phone three times before the night is over, and possibly get you kicked out… she is the reason for all of your funniest stories. She never fails to make it a night to remember; even if she can’t.

4. The one on the prowl

There is always that one girl, who sets out with a plan. She had all week to think of the perfect guy that she is going to meet on Friday night, and you should know she is going to find someone even if he doesn’t meet her standards. She dresses as if she is about to meet the love of her life, and attempts to flirt with everyone in the bar until she ends up with a bunch of phone numbers that she will never bother calling.

5. The textaholic

"Whatever you do, don't let me text him tonight!" One hour passes and you look over and see her eyes deep into a conversation through her phone. Every time you ask her what she is doing she swears its important. Eventually once you get her phone, you realize how many people she texted, along with the number of regrets shell have in the morning. As a friend, support her the next morning as she faces the truth of what she has done.

6. The taken troll

She is dancing and laughing. She looks like the happiest girl in that bar and that is because she is. She is in love, yet knows exactly how to have a good time without pushing her limits. Guys around her think that her smile means available, but once she’s approached…. She fires back and lets them know she’s off limits. She may look like the best time in the club, but she is only down for sharing with one.

7. The piggy bank

She just got paid, but does she want to spend her money on drinks at the bar? Absolutely not She will be the one who rounds up the troops every time anyone offers a drink. The way she looks at it, if he offers her a drink she can’t drink it with just him. She must get her friends to join in on his generosity. By the time he realize's it was a bad idea to pull out his debit card, he already bought her and her 9 friends a shot to celebrate this new friendship that will last about another 10 seconds. At least when she wakes up the next morning with a hangover, her wallet is still full.

8. The compli-holic

If you had a rough week, you look forward to hitting the town with this girl. The moment she has two drinks, she begins telling you how perfect you are. If you have a pimple, she will tell you it brings out your skin tone. If your hair is frizzy, she tells you how full it looks. The next morning you will wake up and try your best to keep that confidence until next Friday. I mean hey, they say drunk words are sober thoughts, Right? We'll just go with that.

9. The late owl

You’re exhausted. You have been to every bar on the street, and just went and got food. You walked 10 miles to your Uber, and finally got into your front door with your swollen feet from your new pumps. You are ready to crash after a successful night of blowing off some steam. Hold up. She is not ready. She wants to open up a bottle of wine and chat, or call the girls down the street to come over and keep this party going. She is the reason for your craziest nights, but also your longest.

10. Ms. Beer Muscles

Doesn't matter who looks at her funny, she will confront them. If someone moves the wrong way she is ready to swing. Keep any noticed negativity to yourself if you want to end your night out without any drama. Once she hears word of someone starting a problem, she is ready to jump in. At least you know she'll always have your back!

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