The time has come where the semester has finally ended. Sometimes we weren't sure if we would even make it through those long papers we had to write and the ridiculously hard tests we had to take. But, we did it and now we get to be on break and relax for the next month.

The semester started out sixteen weeks ago and we were so happy to be back and see our friends. Somewhere is those weeks, we got tired of all of the work that just kept getting piled onto us and we just wanted the semester to end. So we fought through all of the work we kept getting and all the tests, projects and finals we needed to pass in order to finish out the semester. We put in all of that work, so we deserve this break we have now.

If we want to sleep in late and go to bed at ridiculous times, then why not? We put out our best work those last couple weeks of school and now we deserve the option to relax and be with our friends. We don't get to see our friends from back home everyday, so the little time we have with them is precious.

Those weeks that my have seemed like forever at some points, in turn actually flew by. We look back now and wish there was more we could have accomplished and checked off of our semester bucket list. By the end of the semester, of course we wanted to go home and see our family and hometown friends, but that doesn't mean that we won't miss being at school over break. We definitely won't be missing all of the work and going to classes, but college is more than just classes and getting a degree. It's also about growing your social life and meeting new people and doing new things.

So yes, we survived the semester and definitely enjoy this month long break that we now have. But we will of course miss the memories we made and the opportunity to be with our friends everyday. No worries though, because we will go through this whole process again next semester.