"That '70s Show," A favorite show of mine and many others as well which involves bell bottom pants, original jokes, and the quite obvious but also hidden love for THC. The six main characters all portray unique characteristics that we can admit we all have at certain times.

1. Eric Foreman


Everyone loves a kind-hearted, innocent, momma's boy. If you are anything like an Eric Foreman you most likely like warm dinners made by your mother and will do just about anything for family or friends. You also could probably use some toughing up and to show less of your sensitive side. (but that's OK, we still love you.)

2. Jackie Burkhart


You can't walk past a mirror or anything with that shows any reflection without taking a glance of yourself. Your first love was Chanel, and your second was Versace. You have an attitude that's not big enough for this world, but also a heart as well. Even if you did skip your best friend's birthday party for that half-off Steve Madden sale.

3. Donna Pinciotti


Sports come naturally to you, and you most definitely don't take sh*t from anyone. You are competitive when you need to be (also all the time.) If someone needs honest, some down-to-earth advice they come to you, but you are sometimes harshly too true. You enjoy long-term relationships, and usually your significant other is also your best friend.

4. Michael Kelso


You attract people like a magnet, and could possibly be on a magazine cover for your naturally beautiful looks. You might not be able to get a simple math equation right, but you for sure know how to perfect that selfie angle. You are also hilarious without ever trying, you literally just speak and a room can erupt with laughter.

5. Steven Hyde


Dry and sarcastic is your middle name. You like to have a smartass comment for anything anyone has to say, and you thrive off of it. People view you as this tough person that doesn't any feelings, but deep down you are the most caring.

6. Fez


You are the life of the party and can brighten up any room. You might feel as if you are not as wanted as everyone else is in the friend group, but in reality, no one would know what to do with themselves if you weren't there. You sometimes say the wrong things though at the wrong times, and that gets you into trouble you weren't expecting.

Now that I've briefly described each of the main characters and their attributes that they bring to the table, think long and hard about which one relates to you the most. You could be a Fez, a Donna, Jackie, or you could even be a mixture of them all. You know you the best, so you choose. Now take the day off and go watch all eight seasons of "That 70s Show."