The holiday season is finally among us, and with it comes the endless stream of holiday specials. Halloween episodes leave us with scenes of parties, dress up, and the occasional scare. While Christmas shows sparkly decorations and lots of beautiful white snow.

What is sometimes forgotten about are the Thanksgiving episodes. Your favorite characters all joining together to eat a lavish meal. There are plenty of other types of holiday specials that make great T.V., but nothing can really compare to episodes showing Turkey Day.

There are unforgettable scenes of Monica with Turkey on her head in Friends or the famous "Slapsgiving" from How I Met Your Mother. The very purpose of these episodes is to bring characters together in a way that any viewer can relate to.

Thanksgiving episodes are where the drama of the family holiday is palpable. Tension is always there, but in the end, they tend to put their differences aside to be grateful for what, and who, they have.

This theme of family tension is incredibly relatable, and something that other episodes can't always give us. Christmas holiday specials are too busy spreading cheer to be realistic. Valentine's Day episodes just remind us how single (or in love) we are.

There's something different about the Thanksgiving Day T.V. special. Americans across the nation celebrate Thanksgiving no matter their race, religion, or any other factor that divides us every day.

On Thanksgiving, we get to come together and be with our loved ones, no matter how complicated that can be. Thanksgiving T.V. episodes remind us that despite everyday drama or difficulties, the people we love and the things we care about are always right there waiting for us.