As an American, it never fully occurred to me that Europeans don't have the same holidays as we do in the United States. Yes, it sounds silly but it was never really something I thought about. But now that I am living in Europe for a few months, I have become overwhelmingly aware that there will be no Thanksgiving, a fact I knew but never really fully comprehended until now.

Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to the United States, but I figured there would be at least some semblance of it in England. But, that is just not the case. The day after Halloween, November first, every single store, shop, food establishment, etc. turned into a Christmas wonderland. London went right from fall to winter and didn't even bat an eye lash.

I think upon noticing this was the first time it really settled in that there would be no Thanksgiving in sight while in Europe. No turkey, no gourds, no day off, no pie and most importantly, no stuffing. Europeans don't even care one bit. They are ready for Christmas and aren't afraid to show it.

While I love Christmas, there is something kinda weird about celebrating it so early. Usually I have so many things to look forward to (aka Thanksgiving), but in London it is only Christmas, which feels ages away. I'm not ready to start thinking about gifts and decorating the tree... it is too early!

I know it isn't their holiday but Europeans are really missing out by not jumping on the Thanksgiving train! Sure, the history doesn't line up but everyone can enjoy a huge home cooked meal surrounded by loved ones!

So while it seems dumb that I didn't realize Thanksgiving wasn't a big deal here at all, I think I am more surprised about how big Christmas is and how early it has arrived.