Thanksgiving Break As Told By The Cast Of 'New Girl'

Thanksgiving Break As Told By The Cast Of 'New Girl'

Jess and the gang show us all our favorite (and least favorite) parts of Thanksgiving Break.


As a college student, Thanksgiving Break is one of the finer things in life. Free (good) food, no classes, sleeping in, the list of perks goes on. What better way to describe our favorite parts of Thanksgiving Break than with scenes from "New Girl?"

It's the last few days before you get to head home for break and you're struggling through your last few classes.

You get to your house, go to your old room and finally reach your old bed.

You throw massive amounts of dirty clothes at your parents like...

The next few days, you manage to avoid homework, because, well, you're on break.

You wake up on the morning of Thanksgiving Day like...

Everyone's arrived and you're finally seated at the adult's table but have no idea how to fake being an adult.

How you feel when your parents ask how your semester has been going.

What you actually tell them.

When your family starts to get all up in your business and asks if you're seeing anyone.

When it's finally time to eat and you remember there's more to life than ramen.

After you've maxed on some home-cooked cuisine

The next few days pass and you start to miss your friends.

And you start to miss boozing on the weekends (and weekdays).

So when Sunday finally comes, you're really ready to head back.

Until you wake up Monday morning.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!

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