This Thanksgiving season I am thankful to be a Georgia Bulldog and here's why!

1. I go to one of the best schools in the nation

UGA is one of the highest ranking public schools in the nation! Can I get a go dawgs?

2. Game days are the best days

Nothing is more hype than Sanford on a Saturday!

3. The history is deep

How could the birthplace of public higher education not be crawling with history?

4. The friendships are deeper

The friendships here are deep and true. There's nothing more unifying than calling the dawgs with your best friends.

5. Ringing the bell

We have a literal bell to ring when something good happens to you!

6. The opportunities are endless

UGA is overflowing with opportunities both nationwide and abroad!

7. The food is amazing

Bolton is delicious and nothing beats some 2am Snelling.

8. The campus is beautiful

There isn't a single place on campus that isn't breathtaking!

9. The study spaces are wonderful

Whether you're studying in the MLC, Tate, or the main library, every study space is unique and comfortable.

10. Here it just means more

It really does. UGA just means more!